I’ve put together a list of 7 fashion bloggers who use WordPress with details about their theme, host and plugins they use.

I’m a big fan of fashion bloggers. A Sunday morning in bed with my iPad browsing fashion blogs and doing a bit of online shopping is the best thing. Well, today, I got inspiration to round up some of my favourites and show you a little “behind the scenes” with how they are using WordPress to run their beautiful fashion blogs.

Note that all the sites listed are using a self hosted WordPress site (not WordPress.com)


1. Happily Grey

Happily Grey WordPress Fashion Blog

Mary is using the Simple Mag WordPress theme for her Fashion Blog and hosts with Linode. For WordPress plugins, this is simple, only: Pinterest Pin it Button for images and the JetPack’s Subscription Module

On the sidebar, collage pages and shop page there are widgets from Reward Style (including LiketoKnow.it) where she will earn some affiliate income if they result in a purchase.

Visit Happily Grey


2. Style Cusp

Stylecusp WordPress Fashion Blog

Marissa’s fashion blog (so beautiful) is using a custom WordPress theme developed by GADABOUT Creative and is hosting the blog with GoDaddy. For WordPress plugins, Marissa is using Contact form 7 for contact forms, the jquery Pin it button for images, the instagram slider widget  and related posts by Zemanta

Marissa also montetizes her site by using widgets from Shop bop.

Visit Style Cusp


3. Damsel in Dior

Damselindior WordPress Fashion Blog

Jacey is using a custom-built WordPress theme by Exsite and is hosting with HostNine. For WordPress plugins, she uses JetPack’s gravatar module,  Disqus for comments and W3 Total Cache to help with site performance.

To monetize her site, looks like Jacey is using some affiliate links with the Reward Style network.

Visit Damsel in Dior


4. The Style Eater

The Style Eater WordPress Blog

Janelle is using Mignon from Blogzilla for her WordPress theme and hosts with  Dreamhost. For plugins, the theme comes with a styled versions of the add to any buttons at the bottom of the post and also uses the Pinterest Pin it Button for images. On the sidebar, you see an instagram widget made by Instansive that you can copy and paste into an text blog widget.

Janelle is also using the Reward Style to create her favourite things shop and other affiliate links.

Visit The Style Eater


5. Song of Style

Song Of Style Fashion Blog WordPress

Aimee is using a modified version of the Ponsoby WordPress theme hosted by Dreamhost. For plugins, she is using the Revolution Slider on the homepage, Pinterest Pin it button on hover and post, Tiny Carousel Horizontal Slider, The Instagram Feed and Use Any Font.

Aimee uses Reward Style affiliate links to monetize some of her posts.

Visit Song of Style


6. Gal Meets Glam

Gal Meets Glam WordPress Fashion Blog

Julia runs her fashion blog using a custom-built WordPress theme by Corey Tenold and is hosting it with GoDaddy. For plugins, Julia is using Ad Rotate to manage and keep track of her ads, Contact form 7 for contact forms, jquery Pin it button for images and Akismet to stop spam spam.

Julia is using several widgets from Reward Style for affiliate income.

Visit Gal Meet Glam


7. Could I have That

Could I Have That Fashion WordPress

Samantha’s lovely fashion blog is actually using the free twenty twelve WordPress theme with some customizations and is hosting the blog with GoDaddy For plugins she is using the Social Sharing Toolkit plugin for share links at the bottom of her posts, on the sidebar she is using a subscribe to posts form with code provided from Feedburner and the instagram slideshow is code provided by Snap Widget.

Smantha uses widgets from Shop Bop and links with Reward Style for affiliate income on the blog.

Visit Could I have That


Hopefully new fashion bloggers or ones that are already in the game can benefit by some knowledge of how others are running their WordPress sites.

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  1. Ah this is a great list of fashion bloggers, some that I didn’t even know used wordpress. Thanks for rounding up!

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  3. Great little list. I’m familiar with some of them Gal meets Glam being one. Love this site, oozes with femininity

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  4. Nice post. Love the selection of fashion bloggers.

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  5. Hi Mel, great roundup! I had a question, this may be silly but, how do you add the widget code for RewardSTyle? I’m a part of the affiliate (newbie) and can get to the code, to copy, but then cna’t figure out where to paste.. do I need a rewardstyle plug in first.. and then I can paste the code? I tried pasting the code into a post I did yesterday but that didn’t work, it just showed the code! Any insight would be great!

    Posted on May 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm
    1. If you get an answer on this i would love to learn how to do it as well! Also, I love your blog

      Posted on August 29, 2016 at 8:57 pm
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  18. I’m also interested (and kind of nosy) about wanting to know what other fashion bloggers use as their WordPress themes. I’m kind of surprised and happy to hear that one used the free version fo Twenty Twelve and made it work!

    Thanks for this fabulous post,
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