In this video I will take you through the steps you take to create a gallery in WordPress and go through the different settings. Then, I show you show to can add the lightbox functionality to your Gallery so when you click on any image, a popup gallery lets you easily click through all images in your gallery. Lastly, I show you some neat gallery options that come with JetPack so you can do more with the layout of your gallery! Related Links: WP Lightbox 2 Responsive Lightbox by dFactory JetPack Update!  I just received a question from Chrissy Lilly on YouTube that let me to this great plugin that allows you to set your own urls for your gallery photos. ie: Perhaps you can your gallery to show thumbnails of posts. Check it out:  WP Gallery Custom Links Oh, and I got all those cool looking images for FREE from !

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2 thoughts on “How to Add a Gallery to WordPress, Add a Lightbox and Change it’s Layout [VIDEO]

  1. That was so amazing! Thank you. I so appreciate that information. Will be back for more.

    Posted on December 29, 2016 at 8:45 am