This week I want to show you how you can Create a Simple Popup for your WordPress website. The idea behind this particular Popup would be simply announce something like a promotion (ie: black friday deal or cyber monday special), a course launch, a new freebie, etc. The idea is to grab the attention of your visitors with your current promotion by sticking it right in their face so they can’t miss it!

The criteria that I have for this simple Popup:

  • Free
  • Create Content or Upload an Image
  • Options to Display on Every Page, Certain Pages/Categories or Exclude Pages/Categories, etc
  • The Popup is clickable to bring you to a url
  • Works on Mobile

So this popup will NOT have advanced functionality to add to a newsletter in the popup but you can send visitors to another page for lead capture (if that’s your goal). PS – I plan to cover more advanced popups later!


WordPress Popup Maker Plugin

The plugin I chose was Popup Maker

Wordpress Popup Maker

Here is what the Popup Maker looks like installed in WordPress:

Screen Recording 2015 11 25 At 03.56 PM


Video Tutorial


As FYI, these are some other plugins I tried…

ITRO Popup Plugin
I was SO close with this one but the links in the content area didn’t break out of the popup to properly take you to another page

WordPress Popup
Again really close and has met the requirements if you just want to use the visual editor to create a popup but with just an image, it left weird whitespace around my image.

Popup Builder
The free version fit most of the criteria and had a lot of great effects but I couldn’t add the popup to EVERY page automatically. The free version just gave me a shortcode to add to pages/posts. For only $9.99 I could have upgraded if I wanted that fucntionality…

I also tried a lot of Popup plugins that allowed you to add subscribe form to add to your newsletter but they often actually didn’t have the option to exclude the form.


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One thought on “How to Create a Simple Popup for your WordPress Website [VIDEO]

  1. Great article. Just wanted to chime in and mention that we (Popup Maker) have just released the first of many direct integrations for mail services. The first one available is Mailchimp integration and Aweber will be available shortly as well.

    Posted on November 30, 2015 at 5:59 pm