It’s a great idea to display related posts at the bottom of your blog post because not only can it increase your click through rate and engagement but it can also help your site’s SEO by providing some in-page links.

Finding the perfect plugin to display related posts can be tricky because different WordPress plugins offer different ways to calculate related posts and some different features. I haven’t found one yet that does it ALL but I have narrowed it down to two plugins that I think are the best.

In this week’s WordPress tutorial video I’m going to take you through these two plugins that display related posts for your WordPress site:

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin for related posts has been around a long time and probably the most popular to date. It’s very simple to use and gives you some options to display related posts not only based on the category but also content and title.


2. WordPress Related Posts Plugin

This is a brand new WordPress related posts plugin (release in early 2014) and has seen a tun of positive feedback thus far. It gives a tun of display options, stats and even lets you edit your related posts.


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