10 Big Websites that Use WordPress

Even though you can’t see it, the foundation keeps any home as a whole. The same goes for the hosting platform for your website. The primary framework has to be powerful to sustain your entire future activity.

Today, we’ll not just talk about how great WordPress is, we will bring proofs that it is a reliable service for all of us. While there are many web hosting service reviews to make up your mind, WordPress still encounters doubtful feedback because it is an open source service. Let’s see which 10 big websites are actually using WP and understand why this platform powers 26.9% of the web.

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1.     Spotify

Spotify Website Uses WordPress

The music industry will never be the same as before since the advent of Spotify in 2008. This service is a cloud where you get the chance to listen any kind of music or song you want. There’s no need to download any material except the software itself. This is why it probably became so popular in just a short period of time.

The website is so popular that there are chances that your friends are already using it to create thrilling playlists. The service can also be seen as a musical social media, as you can see what your friends and celebrities are listening to. The website loads in under 5 seconds, which maximizes engagement thanks to its WordPress platform.

2.     TechCrunch

Techcrunch Website Uses WordPress

The biggest technology publisher is also relying on services that WordPress provides. If you want to know the pulse of the latest startup unicorns, newest Internet products, and fresh tech news, TechCrunch has it all. Last records show that it has managed to gather 12 million unique visitors. Their secret to success is quality work and relevant updates from the world of technology. Their website loads in about 11 seconds. However, the digital pages are so full of videos, buttons, and other call-to-action plugins that it can remain a record loading time.

3.     Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Website Uses WordPress

If we follow the line of thoughts that tell us that a luxury brand will use luxury products, then WordPress is a luxury product since Mercedes-Benz uses its services for thewebsite. The online showroom looks slick and powerful where the classic color of black dominates the elegant background. Each detail is carefully built to mirror the high-quality of the Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The website displays its features in about 6 seconds.

4.     Forbes

Forbes Website Uses WordPress 1

It’s official! The worldwide news is building its empire on WordPress grounds. This online newspaper always keeps a close eye on the rich and famous and delivers you their latest events and business. Forbes’ latest addition is the Podcast category, where you can listen to the latest life coaching. All the interesting news will be on your screen in less than 10 seconds. If even this famous news site adopted an open-source solution for their website, so can the rest of the world.

5.     Facebook NewsRoom

Facebook Website Uses WordPress

Facebook has clearly gained amonopoly on the social media market. They also have a website to announce all their latest news which is Facebook News Room. Here, you can learn how to use Facebook efficiently for your work and leisure time, and how the new features of the social platform can improve your lifestyle. For their official newsroom, they used WordPress which opens their pages in four seconds.

6.     The Next Web

Thenextweb Website Uses WordPress

The Next Web has proved to be an invaluable source of information for all people who need to stay connected with the latest technological updates. The website came to life in 2006, where its founders needed this kind of service to promote their own startup, but they didn’t find it anywhere. So, they took matters into their own hands and created a place for young entrepreneurs only. After six years of expertise in the field of technology, The Next Web still trusts WordPress which makes its pages load in about five seconds.

7.     Vogue

Vogue Website Uses WordPress

Possibly the leading women magazine, Vogue expresses glamor, ultimate sophistication, and latest fashion trends in the online world too, thanks to WordPress. Their latest movement focuses on responding a powerful social issue of this present generation which is feminism with their women empowerment videos.  It only takes 7 seconds to open the inspirational stories from the fashion industry.

8.     Open NASA

Nasa Website Uses WordPress

The Open NASA website is an answer for citizen scientists, developers, citizen activists, govvies, and the curious citizens to a pertinent question. What does NASA do and is there a way to contribute ourselves to its discoveries? So, the website opens the door to talented and curious minds to the world of space science and collaborate to make the impossible possible. Open NASA loads in less than 7 seconds due to the fact that it uses WordPress.

9.     Star Wars

Star Wars Website Uses WordPress

The huge popularity of the Star Wars universe that has begun in 1977 is still strong in today’s world. It got even its own website where the fans can find out in real time about the upcoming events and how their favorite characters are doing. The official StarWarsalso uses the open sourced WordPress, and in 10 seconds you get access to compelling articles, fantastic artwork, and its own news podcasts.

10.                        Hootsuite

Hootsuite Website Uses WordPress

People from the marketing domain always have to keep up with the ever-changing nature of their profession. Lingering over a certain strategy or marketing campaign can only disinterest the consumers and make you irrelevant. However, the blog over at Hootsuite is full of useful information on how the digital world changes today and how you can adapt to these transformations. The marketing experts that write these articles are also counting on WordPress to deliver their latest news in 20 seconds.

So, this is where our list ends. The 10 big websites that use WordPress show us that even an open source platform can be seen as a luxury product. You have a multitude of features to change and turn your website the way you want it.

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