10 Business Coaches that are Rockin’ it with WordPress

In this post, I show you how 10 business coaches who are using WordPress for their business. These women are all doing great things with their business’ and know how to leverage WordPress to achieve their online goals.

So guess what? you can use the EXACT tools they use!

THIS is what I love about WordPress and the community: it’s so accessible. I have Danielle LaPorte on this list – SHE is using a FREE WordPress plugin for eCommerce! Amazing.

It’s honestly a level playing field online. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a killer website these days so let me point you in the right direction and show you how these business coaches are using WordPress so you can do the same!

1. Janet Murray

Janet Murray

Janet is a journalist and PR coach. On her website, you can read her blog, listen to her podcast, find online training or get in touch for 1 on 1 mentorship. Offline, you can connect with Janet at one of her many speaking events. Sign up for her email and get a free guide on how you can get featured in magazines, tv, newspaper or radio!

Vist Janet Murray’s Website

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2. Kyla Roma

Kylaroma Coach WordPress

Kyla has been in the blogging space since her teens, ran a design agency and is now a successful business coach and online strategist. I’m excited to share her site with you because she definitely knows her tools and is really savvy when it comes to WordPress plugins. Sign up for 1 on 1 coaching, become a part of her Daring Creative Community or take her comprehensive online course on how to design your own day planner !

Visit Kyla Roma’s Website

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3. Danielle LaPorte

Daniellelaporte Coach WordPress

Danielle LaPorte is a motivational speaker and business strategist. She has been featured in several major publications such as Huffington Post, Vogue, Marie Clare, Forbes and Entrepreneur. Her signature Desire Map Course is taught by hundreds of mentors and facilitators all over the world. Danielle is using WordPress to power her empire and you might even be surprised to know that her entire Desire Map product line is using the FREE WooCommerce plugin! Hello, this is one smart lady! Even though Danielle was able to find and effectively use WooCommerce, some WordPress bloggers may not know that this type of software even exists. And because of this, they could be missing out on earning extra money. WordPress may want to read more here if they too want to make more money using WooCommerce so they can have a successful business.

Visit Danielle’s Website

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Danielle actually has a great post about other tools she uses if you area interested!

4. Fungai Ndemera

Fungaindemera Com

Fungai Ndemera calls herself a SEVEN figure business strategist. She has an inspirational story of rags to riches – coming from poverty in rural Zimbabwe. You can sign up for 1 on 1 coaching or join one of two programs. Don’t you love that homepage!?

Visit Fungai’s Site

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5. The Nectar Collective by Melyssa Griffin

Thenectarcollective Coach

One day, when I grow up, I want to be just like Melyssa! lol. I’m a total fangirl! I’ve been following her for a number of years as a fantastic web designer and popular blogger. Now Melyssa has made the move to coach and is really kicking ass. She has already launched 3 courses and is either busy giving a workshops, webinar or connecting on peirscope, her #NectarCollect twitter chat or on her Facebook Group.

Visit Melissa’s Website

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6. Jess Lively

Jesslively WordPress Coach

Jess runs a widely popular podcast called the Lively Show where her interviews touch on topics of wellness, career and life – all bringing it to her belief of value-based intentions. You can learn more about her value-based intentions through her online class meant to transform how you approach life!

Visit Jess’s Webstie

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7. Laura Sims


Laura Sims is a career coach helping people find meaningful work. Check out her blog, ebook and Career Homecoming Course which includes access to a course, personalized mentoring and online community.

Visit Laura’s Site

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8. Nice Ops by Amber McCue

Niceops Amber Coach

Amber has some great programs for business entrepreneurs. You can choose from an online course or more intensive program with 1 on 1 coaching to iron our your business. I actually first saw Amber of Periscope and really liked her approachable style. This is one hard working mom!

Visit Amber’s Site

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9. Manifest Yourself with Kimberly Brown

Manifestyourself Coach WordPress

Kimberly tackles all aspects of your life, with the goal to “Do something epic. Learn something life changing. Discover your passions”. Her services include creating campaigns for brands and 1 on 1 coaching. Sign up for her newsletter to receive weekly inspirational messages sent to your inbox!

Visit Kimberly’s Website

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10. Kate Northrup

Katenorthrup Coach WordPress

Kate’s site is last on my list because I wanted to end with a bang – this woman is a high profile coach, author and speaker and boy, does she have a handle on WordPress! Kate has been featured in major publications and has first-hand testimonials from Marie Forleo, Kris Carr and other visible entrepreneurs. Actually, you can see her interview some of these folks on her youtube show. Also, Check out her new book: Money, A Love Story

Visit Kate Northrup’s Website

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12 thoughts on “10 Business Coaches that are Rockin’ it with WordPress”

  1. Great post Mel! I love reading about all these kick-ass blogging babes — it is super inspiring!
    Just a little note: you’ve accidentally put ‘with’ twice in your main photo/graphic.

  2. Hey Mel,
    What a great story! actually here you have mentioned these 10 super stars on your blog having beautiful knowledge about them , really great because they are inspiring for people like me .

    and according to me you also need to include your self in this list 🙂

    BTW Awesome !

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Really hard to believe this is of any help to a real Coach.

    Nobody has a calendar/appointments plugin???

    Coaching is not Blogging. Coaching is actually talking with individuals! And you cannot do that without an appointment plugin.

    Lead generation, opt-in, email marketing, even content plugins. But no plugin that actually helps you COACH an individual or team!

    Sorry, but this is about Blogging, not coaching.

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