3 Strategies to make Money with your Blog and How to do it with WordPress

We’ve all seen and heard that it’s possible to make money blogging. Firstly, you need to set up your blog in a professional fashion to attract streams of revenue. Efficient and affordable web hosting is certainly the order of the day. Visting makeawebsitehub.com will offer you an array of information about web hosting providers like ecwid. We have all read through income reports and see these full time bloggers flaunt their stuff on social media but HOW are they doing it? Are they really making money just from blogging? I’ll share with you 3 strategies that bloggers take to make money and how you can actually implement these strategies with WordPress.

Oh and by the way, you of course do more than one strategy – you just need to figure out what works best for you!


With this strategy, you are using your blog to build your brand and positioning your blog as a resource. Then, you find information that you can package up and sell.

Think of something that takes some time to figure out (ie: how to garden, how to sew, how to get Instagram traffic). It doesn’t have to be broad either, it might even be easier to compete with similar products if you niche down (ie: how to grow a herb garden indoors). You can package up information that is readily available but will save people a lot of time searching all over the internet for (ie: how to setup a facebook ad, how to create your own soap).

Screenshot Thinkcreativecollective.com 2016 03 31 09 31 00

Above is the homepage for Think Creative Collective. They sell a bunch of courses related to blogging so their blog is being used to grow traffic that would be interested in those courses, offer a lot of free resources to get them on a mailing list and then promote their paid informational products.

With this strategy, you aren’t too concerned with tuns and tuns of traffic but a following who is engaged with you and likes your brand because there is likely a tun of competing information products but people want to buy from you.

How to Implement:

Create an Online Course

This is probably the most popular way to sell information right now. You can use your laptop’s camera and software like Screenflow to record your screen then charge people to access it.

In WordPress, you can create an online course using…

  1. Use Learning Management System Plugin ( LifterLMS – free, LearnDash – $129+, CoursPress – free or Pro )
  2. Use a Membership Site Plugin ( Simple Membership – free, Paid Membership Pro – free )
  3. Paypal + Password Protect a Page ( featured enabled for every page )

Create an eBook

You can also package your information up in a downloadable eBook. You can create the ebook in anything that will allow you to save as PDF (which is pretty much everything these days) … Google Docs, Google Slides, Mac’s iPages, In Design, etc.

In WordPress, you can sell digital products using…

  1. Easy Digital Downloads Plugin ( free + add-ons )
  2. WooCommerce Plugin ( free + add-ons )


If you are established in your industry, have several years of experience or have had success then you have the opportunity to monetize your expertise! With this strategy your blog is really building YOURSELF as your brand and is sharing a lot of your success, advice and guidance. Like above, you can also monetize your blog by creating online courses but also selling services ( branding, photography, coaching, consulting, etc. )

Screenshot Www.luckybreakconsulting.com 2016 03 31 11 22 20

Above is the homepage for Lucky Break Consulting where Lela sells courses and consultation for entrepreneurs who want to create and sell physical products having years of experience doing it herself.

Now, you can actually have TWO different audiences to your blog with this strategy ( those that want to be mentored and those that want to use your services ). For instance, if you are a successful photographer, you will attract people who want to follow in your footsteps and also people who want you to hire you to take pictures! I think those that juggle both audiences the best are really sharing every aspect of their business which satisfies the people who want to be mentored by giving insights and also satisfies those looking to hire you for your services because it looks like you know your stuff!

So think about lessons you’ve learned, steps to do X and any advice you can give when writing those blog posts. Again, you aren’t really concerned with a TUN of traffic but growing your “tribe” of followers.

How to Implement:

Create a Contact Form

Have people fill out some basic information to get in touch with you. Be thoughtful about what you want to know from the people who are contacting you. This can be a really easy screening tool that will save you and/or your client a TUN of time and energy

In WordPress, you can create a contact form with…

  1. Contact Form 7 (this is a paypal payment add-on)
  2. Caledra Forms (accepts payment as well)

Schedule Free 1 on 1 Calls

Talking to someone on the phone is probably better for selling services. Streamline your process by having potential clients pick a time for that call

In WordPress, you can get people to book a call time with…

  1. BirchPress Scheduler
  2. Embed Calendly

Paid Consultation Calls

You can easily charge for consultation with some tools that integrate with paypal.

In WordPress, you can use…

  1. Event Booking Pro plugin (uses paypal)
  2. Appointments Plus (uses paypal)


This last strategy is probably what most people think of when they think of making money from your blog where your blog ALONE is making you money. When someone says they are a full-time blogger, that generally means that they have been blogging for a long time (3+ years), they blog consistently (3 or more posts a week) and get a lot of traffic (100,000+ page views a month). This is DEFINITELY a full-time job (here’s one great blog income report that breaks it down for you). Then, one you are at this point, you can make a decent income with advertisements, affiliate links and sponsored posts. (check out 7 ways to make money on your blog immediately for more details).

Screenshot Artsandclassy.com 2016 03 31 12 41 17

Above is the Arts & Classy Blog that brings in income mostly from ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts.

Now, your strategy is going to be to build a tun of traffic but also narrow down your focus so that you can align with brands and affiliated products that you might want to promote on your site. Brands will be more likely to give you money for sponsored posts if you best represent their target audience and your visitors are more likely to buy products that are related to your content. It’s not just blogs that like to use sponsored posts to help them make more money. Businesses like to use this method to help them to increase the amount of traffic that they receive to their website, as the more they have, the better-ranked they are in the search engines. For businesses, picking the right site for your guest post is tricky but not impossible and it is important that you do your research before you decide to move forward with this step. This can apply for both businesses and blogs as everyone strives to be as successful as possible.

Also, it’s also likely that you will need to also pump up your social media at the same time.

How to Implement

It’s really quite easy to get started blogging. I always recommend using a self hosted WordPress website if you are serious about blogging because you can do so much with add-ons and custom theme design that you can’t do with WordPress.com or other blogging platforms.

Check out my WordPress themes if you are looking for a theme and also take my free WordPress Course if you are just starting out.

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  1. So great post! I’m looking for tool/plugin for membership and my ecourses page and I have all things in this post. You’re awesome 🙂

  2. You’re absolutely spot-on turning a blog into an education resource to generate revenue. In fact, it’s really easy to take current blog posts and convert them into lessons (using LearnDash there is a free plugin that accomplishes this with just a few clicks).

    It’s not just about the course though, it’s about the community you can form around your blog and content.

    Great post!

  3. so thankful I found your blog! I haven’t launched mine yet! Its under constructions so I found you at the best time! Thank you!

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