3 Ways to Create Viral Interest & the WordPress Plugins to Help You!

Great content is certainly a great way to create interest for your site but it’s not the only way to create viral interest. Want to get people to engage and share a link-back to your site on social media? Well I have 3 ideas for you to try out and the plugins to implement them on your WordPress site!

1. Create a Contest

Why not drum up some interest by giving away a great prize? It might be worth spending a little bit of money to drive traffic to your site or maybe you can also give away some of your services.

Contest WordPress Plugin

In WordPress, check out the ContestFriend Plugin (pictured above).  Visitors can enter your contest simply by submitting their email and then have the option to share it to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.  Entrants are saved in the WordPress database that you can export and upload to your email list OR you can do this seamlessly with Mailchimp, AWeber, CampaignMonitor and GetResponse. Best of all, all of these features are FREE ! 🙂

2. Add a Quiz

Creating a fun or interesting quiz can get viral status as people love to share their results and challenge others by sharing the quiz on social media. BuzzFeed really popularized this in recent years (take a peek at all their quizzes).

Opinion Stage

There are a number of WordPress plugins that you can use. I really liked the Opinion Stage plugin: Polly, Survey, Quiz & Form by Opinion Stage (pictured above).  It works by creating a free account on their website then copying and pasting a shortcode to use on your WordPress site. You can add images to every question, assigns values to answers picked, generate results and then offer users to share on social media. You are free to create an account and use the quiz up to 100,000 views a month. After that, there are plans for more views and more features.

Other Options:
PlayBuzz : pre-created quizzes that you can embed on your site
SlickQuiz: A quiz that you can create and add to your site without leaving WordPress (doesn’t give the option of adding images but have facebook & twitter share at the end)


Adding some games to your site is a way to get interaction and engagement. This could especially be a great way to get young people to interact with your content.

In WordPress,  Interactive Content H5P is a free plugin that gives you the option of adding different games. Their memory game is my favourite – really easy to create and pretty addicting!


H5p Memory Game

Create a memorable experience with your visitors that they will share with others!

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