6 Optin Incentives that People Can’t Resist

Growing your email list THE best way to reach your target audience. Simply asking visitors to sign up for a newsletter will get you some subscribers but sweeting the deal and offering optin incentives will make your email grow way faster.

I will go over 6 optin incentives that people can’t resist. Not only will an incentive convert more subscribers but you can also use incentives to help gage interest, test content and sell your products.

Let’s check them out…

1. A Content Upgrade

Visitors coming to your blog or website are likely there for your content. The trick is to find your most saught after content and package that up in a freebie. It could be that you take down a popular post and put that into a pdf for download or perhaps you build on what you already have and give more like a training video or a checklist.

Check out How to Offer Freebies to Grow Your Email List for exactly how you can deliver your content upgrade.


2. Hold a contest.

Holding a contest is really simple and easy way to entice visitors. You can offer a physical product or service then have people enter to win by subscribing to a contest list. This is probably one of the easiest optins to setup and if the prize is a good enough incentive, could help you grow your list very fast.

I’ve seen collaborations among several bloggers each offering services to create a big “mega pack” and then share in the promotion reach each others subscribers.

Remember that your email list should contain qualified leads for your products or services so while an iPad is a great incentive, will have person also be interested in your later offerings? Think about a prize that is a natural fit for your target audience!



You can offer subscribers access to a membership site, private forum or facebook group. Bringing people together in a forum or group is very strong incentive for people wanting to get advice, locate resources or just to connect with people with similar interests. You can also offer to give your exclusive club special perks like deals, behind the scenes info or “first to know” knowledge. Just keep in mind that a group doesn’t run itself. It does require attention to moderate, assist discussion and provide value.


4. BE Interactive

Trying some gamification tactics can be an interesting incentive for visitors. You can create a character quiz, something to test their knowledge, quick poll or survey.

Try the Quiz or Survey Master WordPress Plugin.


5. OFFER AN Email Course

An email course is essentially a course broken down in a series of emails that get delivered to new subscribers through the automation feature of your newsletter software. Not only is this a valuable incentive for subscribers looking for content but it can be delivered at any time and it can help you test out interest for a paid version or lead new subscribers into a sales funnel.

Recommended length is 8 to 10 emails.



6. HOST A Webinar or Workshop

Getting visitors to attend a Webinar or Workshop can help you grow your email list fast. The key is to find a good topic for your target audience which is usually solving a pain point for them. Some webinars are used to upsell attendees to a paid product but it’s intention could also be to measure interest in your chosen topic and the recording can also be repurposed later as an immediate optin on your site.


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