7 WordPress Comment Plugins to Improve Engagement

WordPress started off as a blogging platform and comments being as one of the essential features. Today comments still support interaction with your audience and there are some excellent plugins that help improve that comment engagement.


1. Disqus Comment System


With over 200,000 active plugins this is probably the most used WordPress comment plugin. You need to create a Disqus account to use this plugin (for free). Essentially, it takes over management of your comments and replaces your comments with their own system. For your users, they can comment with different social media accounts, upload media and also see other posts that are active in engagement.

Here is what Disqus looks like in action on your site:

Disqus Comment System

I want to also mention that you won’t loose your comments. If you deactivate the plugin, your plugins are still intact!


2. CommentLuv

Commentluv WordPress Plugin

CommentLuv gives some “love” back to your commenter but automatically posting a link to their latest blog post after they comment on your site.

Here’s is an example of CommentLuv in action on Ginger & Co
Gingerandcoblog Commentluv

3. Facebook Comments Plugin

Facebook Comments WordPress Plugin

Want your comments to gain more exposure? Facebook Comments Plugin is one of the most popular comment plugins used with WordPress website owners. The benefit to your visitors is giving them a fast way to comment using their facbook profile info and then allowing them to share it on their feed so your post gains more exposure.

4. Comment Evolved For WordPress

Comments Evolved WordPress Plugin

Encourage comments when people can connect comments to their social media profile. Options are Google+, Facebook, Disqus and WordPress. Not only does it make it faster to comment with account information but your commenter has the option of sharing the comment and allowing more exposure.

5. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe To Commnents Reloaded WordPress Plugin

By default, when you leave a comment on a WordPress site you don’t have any way of tracking the ongoing discussion.With Subscribe to Comments reloaded, commenters have the option of being emailed updates to the comment section to promote ongoing discussion and engagement. JetPack also has a subscriber to comments feature but what I like about this plugin is the ability to customize the emails send to your comments subscribers.


6. Postmatic

Postmatic Post And Comment Susbcription

Another WordPress plugin for comment subscription with the unique feature of allowing your comment subscribers to reply to the comment by hitting reply to the email!


7. WpDiscuz

WpDiscuz WordPress Plugin Comments

As the tagline says, this plugin is supposed to “surpercharge” your comments and it does that by adding a tun of features to your comments. Many of the added features are similar to the plugins already mentioned (comment with social media and be be notified of comment updates) but there are two other features that are kinda neat: vote up comments and do an automatic refresh (ajax) so you see your comments appear immediately after submission.


PS. Since we are on the topic of comments. I’d like to also make note that enabling the Akismet Plugin will help greatly with Spammed Comments. If you still find you are getting Spam then the Anti-Spam by Clean Talk plugin might work for you!


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11 thoughts on “7 WordPress Comment Plugins to Improve Engagement”

  1. All the WordPress plugins are nice. By using them on websites, we can surely improve our comment engagement. Thank you for sharing this article and keep sharing such informative blog.

  2. The plugins shared here are very important because any blog , eCommerce or others sites are arranged with the option for visitor reviews . And this is called comment or reply option on a website . There are various type of plugins for various purpose such as for Facebook , blog , normal site , eCommerce site . Almost all nice and awesome plugins for many platforms have been given here . Thanks to author for sharing this article here .

  3. I think best 5 plugins are

    1. Jetpack By WordPress
    2. Disqus Comment System
    3. Intense Debate
    4. Facebook Comments &
    5. Comments Evolved

    I have used Jetpack By WordPress but others too have good reviews .

  4. Thanks for this post. I’m thinking about adding a comment plugin to my WordPress blog. I wanted to go with the traditional Facebook comments, but I’m starting to fall in love with Disqus. I’m afraid of spamming, but I heard a comment section can improve subscriber rate and more. Once again, thank you. I just bookmarked your blog.

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