9 WordPress Opt-in Plugins to Multiply Your Email Subscribers

You can easily multiply your email subscribers and with the right WordPress Opt-in Plugin.  First,  you need an opt-in that gets in front of your visitor. Hands down, the opt-in that brings in  the most email subscribers on my website is the opt-in that sits at the top of my website in plain view and is accessible on every page of my website.

Aside from the mechanics and location of your opt-in, the second thing you need is an opt-in that offers something of value. That is, something your visitor will happily exchange their email for. Think about something your audience needs to solve, some helpful resources or training. 

Put together form and function and you got yourself an opt-in that will skyrocket your email subscriber signups!

In this post I’m going to show you 9 WordPress Opt-ins Plugins and examples of their use.  You’ll see some great opt-in offer ideas and how these plugins can be customized to fit your brand and create a professional online presence.

9 WordPress Opt-in Plugins

1. SummoMe ($29/month)

Melanieduncan Optin WordPress

Melanie Duncan keeps her opt-in classy and uses the SumoMe’s List Builder WordPress plugin to grow her email list.  You can use a number of  SumoMe’s list building tools for free (including welcome mats, inline forms, slide in forms, etc) but you need a paid membership if you want to integrate it with an email marketing software, do A/B testing and define ad display rules.  Memberships start at $29/month (paid annually).

Find out more about the SumoMe Plugin


2. Thrive BOX (POPUP BOX) ($67)

Alextooby WordPress Optin

Alextooby WordPress Popup

Alex Tooby uses has a bold and very clear call-to-action banner with a button that pop-ups an opt-in to her free instagram course.  She uses  the Thrive Box WordPress Opt-in plugin. Thrive Box is a part of the Thrive Leads arsenal.  You can buy a single license of Thrive Leads for $67 and, with it, you get a whole collection of WordPress opt-in forms. Along with the “Thrive Box” (Pop-up Lightbox), you get a Sticky” Ribbon, In-Line Forms, Slide-in, Widget, Screen Overlay, Scroll Mat and Content Locker.  Features for the opt-ins include A/B testing, exit intent pop-ups, animations, audience targeting and trigger options. Thrive Leads supports all the popular email marketing services.

Read More about Thrive Leads

3. Thrive Leads Scroll Mat ($67)

Earlybirdmom WordPress Optin

Again, another example of a Thrive Leads WordPress opt-in. I personally really like the “welcome mat” or “screen takover” opt-in forms like this one from Early Bird Mom. These opt-ins are incredibly effective in getting in front of your visitor and easily dismissible so they’re not be too obtrusive.  Again, you can get this op-tin as part of the Thrive Leads opt-in package for $67 per site.

Visit Thrive Leads


4. Genesis eNews Extended (FREE)

Solopreneurd Diaries WordPress Optin

Solopreneur diaries shows off her opt-in at the top of every page using the eNews WordPress plugin. This is very similar to what I do on my own site and while it’s not demanding as much attention as a pop-up or welcome mat would – believe me – it’s effective. This plugin was originally packaged with Genesis WordPress Themes but is now available to any theme for FREE! It works with Convertkit, MailChimp and Aweber (among others). Simple and elegant solution to grow your email list!

Visit Genesis eNews Extended


5. Bloom eMail Op-tin Plugin ($89/year)

Laurasprinkle WordPress Popup Optin

This professional looking email opt-in over at Laura Sprinkle uses the Bloom Automatic Opt-in Pop-Up. Bloom email Opt-in plugins comes with 6 different opt-in options and allows for 16 email marketing integrations. It’s probably one of the more “beautiful” WordPress opt-in plugins in terms of design and template. Bloom also gives stats on conversion rates for every opt-in and allows for A/B testing. To get Bloom you have to sign-up for a $89/year membership which also gives you the popular Divi Theme and other premium plugins.

Visit Bloom eMail Op-tin Plugin


6. Mail Munch  (FREE OR PRO)

Sweetteallcco WordPress Optin

Scroll to the bottom of Sweet Tea LLC and you’ll see the MailMunch opt-in box slide in asking for your name and email.  MailMunch allows you to create an opt-in form and integrate it with MailChimp, Convertkit and a number of different email platforms is free but if you want analytics, remove the “MailMunch” logo, more choices in design then will have to pay a monthly subscription price – very cheap to start though – starting at $6.50/month.

Find out More about MailMunch WordPress Plugin

7. Popup Ally (FREE OR 99/YEAR)

Scoopindustries WordPress Optin

Popup Ally is one of the most popular WordPress opt-in Plugins and has been around for quite some time. You can get started for free with Popup Ally. With the free version, you can create up to 2 pop-ups, specify delay, integrate with all the popular email software solutions and customize your look and feel.  Above, Scoop Industries is using the PRO version starting at $99/year where you get an unlimited number of pop-ups, conversion rates and A/B test options. Also, Popup Ally Pro comes with different “types” of opt-in forms (not just pop-ups) if you want to add your opt-ins to other parts of your page (ie: a horizontal opt-in embedded on a page, one that sits at the bottom, etc).

Visit Popup Ally Pro WordPress Plugin


8. Lead Pages Pop-up ($25+/month)

Vivalaviolet WordPress Optin

Lead Pages has become one of the most-popular opt-in tools for bloggers since it includes the ability to create landing pages and deliver content upgrades. For your homepage, if you have a lead pages account, you can add a Pop-up opt-in box for visitors like Viva La Violet. You can start off on lead pages with a $25/month subscription (if paid annually) or test the waters at $37/month.

Visit Lead Pages

9. DW Promo Bar (FREE)

Mintswift WordPress Optin

Mint Swift let’s visitors know that they have a pinterest course on every page your hit with this simple top opt-in bar plugin:  DW Promo Bar .  You can use the Visual Editor to place text in your promo bar and simply link it to a landing page for opt-in or embed the opt-in box code you get from your email service (MailChimp, Convertkit, etc) right in the bar so visitors don’t have to leave the page.

Visit DW Promo Bar


Hopefully you got some inspiration from above and have found a new tool that you can use on your own WordPress website.

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