A Collection of the Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

Website owners set up a website with a sole objective to earn maximum profits in a quick time span. Of course, running a site is not as simple as we think – it requires a lot of investment in terms of time and money. And all the efforts are made to generate revenues from a site.

Well, there are many ways to monetize your WordPress site or blogs, but online advertising is one of the most effective ways that can increase your traffic and boost your online marketing strategies.

You can easily monetize by displaying banner ads, Google ads, and affiliates into your WordPress website. In fact, you can simply manage one or two advertising script on your site, but sometimes it becomes strenuous when you need to manage more than five ads at the same time.

But with the help of WordPress advertising plugins, you can manage and add your ad scripts anywhere in your site.

In this blog post, we have collected the list of 7 best WordPress advertising plugins that will help you monetize your website.

1. Adrotate


Adrotate is a simple and easy to use advertising plugin for WordPress used to manage and serve advertisement on your website. It is one of the popular tools for monetizing your WP site.

With this plugin, you can place advertising banners anywhere on your site while keeping everything straight-forward directly from a user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, Adrotate plugin allows you to display random banner ads from networks such as AdSense, Chitika, DFP, etc.

It can check the performance of your ads by keeping a track of clicks, click-through rates, and impressions. In fact, it automatically rotates ads displayed on a widget.

AdRotate comes in two versions – the first one is a free version that you can download it from a WordPress plugin repository. While another one is a premium version, also known as Adrotate Pro with tons of compelling features such as Google Analytics integration, geo-targeting, and premium support.

2. WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget is perfect for those who don’t want to get into the complicated ad management system. It is a straight-forward plugin that allows you to display ad as a widget.

With the help of this plugin, you can embed your own images or insert ad code to your sidebar. Plus, it is compatible with the Google AdSense and other popular ad platforms. And, also supports an ample range of standard ad formats.

3. AdPlugg WordPress Plugin

AdPlugg WordPress Plugin

Another simple and straightforward advertising plugin for WordPress that enables you to showcase ads on your WordPress website. The AdPlugg WordPress plugin is associated with the Free adplugg.com ad service. And it offers both free and premium plans to those who want to utilize its service.

Moreover, it enables you to add your ads to your site directly from the WordPress Administrator, without the requirement of underlying source code.

It also offers a wide range of ad management features such as detailed analytics, scheduling, ad rotation for split testing, and an easy to use a short code that will pop up the ads (wherever you want).

4. Ad Injection

Ad Injection

Ad Injection is an incredible ad plugin for WordPress that allows you to add advertisements or other content (such as Google AdSense, TradeDoubler, ClickBank, etc) into the body of your posts and pages.

In fact, you can restrict the number of adverts depending on the post length, the visitor’s referrer and their location. To an addition, it gives you the flexibility to place your ads above, below, or at the site of your content.

5. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is an easy to use ad plugins developed by a publisher for publishers. It offers a wide array of advanced features that can help you customize your advertisement as per your requirement.

With the help of this plugin, you can manage and server adverse in your WordPress website with ease. You can also create a group for advertisement, and make internal notes for each and every advertisement.

To an addition, the Advanced Ads plugin can hide ads from both bots and web crawlers, so they will not display on your search engine results.

6. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a great WordPress plugin that let you insert any JavaScript/HTML/PHP code into your WordPress website. It is an ideal plugin for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads.

You just need to insert the code and pick out an area where you want to showcase it. In fact, you can cut down ad display demographically including options for targeting particular platform, logged in users and much more.

7. Ads by datafeedr.com

Ads By Datafeedr.com

It is an amazing ad plugin that enables you to insert and display advertisement randomly on your WP blog. You can easily add advertisements to your posts, pages, and text widgets by using the shortcode.

In fact, you can also embed ads to your site by inserting a function to the template files of your theme.


In this blog post, we have gathered the seven most powerful WordPress ad plugins that will easily monetize your WP site.

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