Add Engagement to WordPress Course with the Progress Ally Plugin!

Making a course successful doesn’t stop at enrolment. As course creators, you want to know that our students walked away having learnt something new and even better if they will share their experience with others.

So how do we know? With just a bunch of text and videos on a page it’s really hard to know so in comes Progress Ally.

Progress Ally is a plugin that enables interaction with students. It provides some “gamification” to your course that promotes engagement with your students.

The benefit? Students who feel good about the course (maybe feel like they’ve achieved something or are proud of their learning) will more likely share, tell others and provide testimonials which is a great help in promoting and selling your product!

Progress Ally is standalone plugin that can be added to any existing WordPress LMS system or even any WordPress Page or Post !

Features include:

  • Adding Objectives
  • Quizes
  • Certifications
  • Share Buttons
  • Notes / Questions to the Instructor

Check out the video below where I walk you through a short overview of what Progress Ally looks like in action!


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