How to Create and Publish Books with WordPress & PressBooks

It is a world of digitalization where everything has become digital. Every sector has caught under the influence of digitalization. So does the educational sector. The trend of e-books is a living example of digital education. Today, almost every publisher needs to create and print eBooks at different levels. To make it done, the use of WordPress and PressBooks is quite in trend these days. So, if you are into selling ebooks with WordPress, then you must be aware of the use of PressBooks on WordPress.


PressBooks come into action when you need straight and simple instrument to create, publish or edit your ebooks and you are making ebook with all-time favourite WordPress platform. With PressBooks, the author gets all required instruments to create an e-book along with print tools to print those books. Moreover, it enables you to explore the books to all famous data-formats; therefore you can easily send it to any ebook format like Kobo, Nook, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and so on. To get paper print of your book, you may export the book on PDF and as the ebook is being created on WordPress, you get an XML export with it. This should print your book in whatever format set, and paired with a query letter, should be ready to send to a potential publisher. Thus, PressBooks is a great tool to create and print eBooks without any hassle. Moreover, it has made selling ebooks with WordPress easier than ever.

Exploring More About WordPress And PressBooks


Basically, it is a free e-book publishing app which is made on WordPress by Hugh McGuire – a renowned developer. The PressBooks is an open-source WordPress plugin that features BookPress MultiSite. Any author who wants to publish a book can download this plugin from Github and can easily install on the multisite WordPress installation for turning it into a publishing platform.

PressBooks offers every required feature for an e-book which includes Back Matters, Front Matters, Chapters and Parts, meta-data for standard books as well as chapters. So, an author can easily manage the entire books and can accomplish great finishing. Moreover, authors can create books in personal mode and after that, they can export them. In addition, they are also given an option to freely publish the books to common public and thus, users can take a look on your books even on the WordPress installed over PressBooks. For the book canvas, there are 3 main themes to choose from and each of the theme is minimal and enthused by the print books. From the front-end, these PressBooks resemble quite alike paper-books.

Discussing Pros Of PressBooks

PressBooks is highly trust-worthy, powerful and fast. It fulfils the commitments what it makes and accomplish every job very smoothly. There are several pros of PressBooks which we discuss here.

Minimal Responsive Designs

Taking example of the Kindle classic which is a trendy e-book platform. Kindle was made by Amazon and by fetching new technology awareness and data analysis, the intelligent Amazon users knew that print media was about to end. It’s not so long when the majority had turned to digital publications. So, Amazon is definitely doing a wonderful job by changing reading technology as well as changing reading habit of readers.

So, this trend is being adopted by PressBooks that encourages the creation of online books having format of paperback that encourages easily readable books which is convenient for old readers. The themes in PressBooks are highly responsive which remain connected to straight layout of single column with left and right arrow navigation. No doubt, it is a great and efficient, yet we cannot call it the most appealing layout of the time. If you seek simple design, then certainly you would like PressBooks templates. However, if you seek something stylish and flashier, then you probably need to call up a web developer.

Local Video Embeds

Upload Media1

PressBooks does not let authors to insert 3rd party video within the content. That means, authors can only host their own videos within media library. So, no YouTube or Vimeo iframes are allowed here. Thus, restriction to YouTube or Vimeo videos can be a bit disappointment for many as it is called a period of Youtube videos.


In PressBooks, you will see chapters and books meta-data which is essential; however that data is not sufficient. It has micro-formats like which requires very less practices for data structure. For example, you are writing a recipe book on PressBooks and you need meta-data for books like meta-data for recipe. You want a custom-made taxonomy carrying ingredients hierarchy in which, you can organise ingredients in sub categories with an ease.

Thus, you can conveniently showcase an ingredient list in the front to your readers or can encourage them to search recipe by filtering recipes through custom-fields. So, WordPress features several tools for data structure with custom-field, post formats, custom taxonomies, custom meta-data, custom post types etc.

Social Sharing Support

Social Sharing

In PressBooks, you find social sharing support also as there are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter sharing option in ebooks. It is actually a wonderful way for the readers to conveniently share chapters which they find the most favourite on their social media accounts. Thus, you get more exposure with this feature. As of now, there are limited social sharing options, but for more impressive outcomes, it requires more support from other social networks also.


As of now, you can create eBooks using PressBooks which can be exported to EPUB, MOBI and PDF files. Though the option of monetizing your books without including extra plugin is still in vague. There is one way to monetize your ebook that is to get premium membership of Restrict Content Pro. This plugin makes one chapter of your book visible to public and rest of the pages get locked. In addition, selling eBooks on platforms like iBooks and Amazon is another great way to monetize your books.

Free Solution To Create And Print EBooks

Pressbook Plans

Another pro of PressBooks is; it is free plugin; however it comes with 3 different premium plans which include their engagement in managing your ebook and managing a book platform. To remove watermarks of PDF exports, the premium plan is mandatory which costs $19.99 only.

PressBooks works greatly to create and print eBooks; so if you choose printing solution of it, you get paperback version of the ebooks. The printing book costs up to $50 fee and they accept minimum order for 50 books. You should be informed that self-printed PressBooks eBooks would not include the ISBN, but comprise of a bar code only. So, if you think of distributing your book to libraries or retailers, then, ISBN is must.

Bottom Line

Thus, we see a great significance of WordPress and PressBooks in selling eBooks with WordPress. It is not an intricate job to create and print eBooks, yet there are several things that one gets by choosing PressBooks as their eBook creation platform. So, for every author, eBook creation can be an easy by choosing PressBooks on WordPress.

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