Free Styled Desktop Photos

I’ve added another collection of FREE Styled Desktop Photos for you to download! These photos are meant to be used for the web (on a website, blog, whatever…). This collection contains 6 photos of a desktop workspace with some feminine touches.

You are free to edit and do what you like with them. No attribution necessary either! The only thing I ask for exchange is your email address.

22 thoughts on “Free Styled Desktop Photos”

  1. Well, I tried to sign up for the free download. But I get a message saying that my email isn’t valid. I’ve checked it several times to make sure I wasn’t mistyping something – but no. Ah, I really wanted that collection too….

  2. Your website says my email address is not valid. I’ve triple checked everything and that is my email address. Any ideas?

    1. Mel Karlik (website owner)

      I seem to change it all the test (testing different things) but mostly I’ve used Opt-in Panda!

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