How to Build a Community that Will Support your Every Move

Growing an online community is something that usually happens naturally when you spend time blogging or on social media. You start to recognize people who interact with you on a regular basis, you naturally promote some more than others and you want to check in and see what they’re up to.

In this post I’m going to show you what benefits community for you and also give you tools to help support and build your community.

Benefits of a Community

Besides the warm and fuzzies you get from an online community, there are real benefits to your blog or business.

Your community is more likely to:

  • Promote your Items
  • Give Feedback
  • Answer Questions
  • Say nice things about you
  • Buy from you
  • Work with you

How to Find Your Community

And where can you find your community?

  • Social Media
  • Your Website Comments
  • Facebook Groups
  • Forums
  • Mastermind Group
  • Twitter Chats

Tools to Help Stay in Touch with Your Community

Feedly (link)
Keep track of blog posts from your community by subscribing to their RSS feeds

JetPack Notifications for WordPress (link)
Jetpacknotes 2x
Enables you to keep better track of comments

JetPack Subscriptions for WordPress (link)
Give visitors the option to be emailed once a new post is live.


Follow Kayla Hollatz – she is a proven community builder and has a tun of great posts on her blog. Also, check out her Power of We Series where she interviews successful bloggers on the topic of Community. She also has a weekly twitter chat (#createlounge 7pm CT on Wednesdays)

Twitter Chats

Join the Savvy Business Owners Facebook Group by Heather Crabtree – it’s my favourite group!

My #1 Tip For Community Building

What’s my #1 trick to growing your community? It’s dead simple:

You Get What you Give. 

Or… what goes around comes around… karma… however you like to put it. You aren’t going to get squat if you don’t put in the effort.

EVERY relationship is give and take and there’s nothing different with your online business.

So how can you give back to your community?

Keep giving valuable content on your website and keep doing things that attracted your community in the first place.

Also, support them!

Make sure you are being responsive when someone reaches out to you, sharing their posts, help spread word about their products, etc.

To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of “to dos” that focus on actions that you can take to GIVE BACK to your community…

Download the checklist it below!

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  1. I was down with the flu and then it hit my family so I’m behind on the lessons. Can’t wait to get caught up tomorrow, I have a few hours blocked off on my calendar!! Thanks again for this series. It’s been really helpful so far!

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