How to Build a Landing Page with WordPress

If you are looking to build a Landing Page with WordPress, it can be frustrating with the limitations of the Visual Editor. Simple things like creating a button or adding a testimonial box can’t be done by default in WordPress so you’ll need the help of a plugin. Luckily, I have a few to suggest!


1 – Beaver Builder

This is probably my favourite WordPress plugin to build landing pages because I find it the easiest to create the layout I want with rows and columns. The Lite version doesn’t have a lot of features for content display (really, the Lite Version is just a grid layout plugin). Starting at $99 you can get the pro version which allows you to load templates, use different display “modules” and save modules. If you do decide to use this then a great pairing would be a shortcode plugin like WP Canvas Shortcodes to create simple things like text boxes, buttons, testimonials boxes, etc.


2 – Live Composer Page Builder

Visual Composer WordPress Theme

It’s hard to believe this plugin is free. The Visual Composer Page Builder gives you A LOT of functionality to create a professional looking landing page. Once installed, you will see a button at the bottom right when viewing a page to “Activate Editor”. Once in the editor, you construct your page by adding rows and content ares then selecting the “module” to display your content. You have total control over text sizes, colours and space as well.


3. Visual Composer – $34

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Visual Composer has LONG been the king (or queen?) of Landing Page design. You can work with it right in your backend visual editor and insert a tun of different elements to your page. Each text areas also allows you to edit spacing to place things just right.


4. Optimize Press – $99 + Up

Optimizepress WordPress Plugin

For the past few years, Optimize Press has been a popular choice for WordPress business owners because of it’s offerings in pre-made templates and ability. You can choose to use the Optimize Press Theme or Plugin. Both have a live editor with drag and drop functionality to build your Landing or Sales Page.

Visit The Spark Lounge, Sales Page Kit and ScrappyU (all built with Optimize Press)


5. Divi WordPress Theme – $69 Per Year

Divi WordPress Theme

If you think you want to add a LOT of design elements to your site then you may want to consider the Divi WordPress Theme. I haven’t used this myself but I’ve seen a lot of cool sites built with it and I see it being the “go to” theme for WordPress designers.

Visit Leadership Girl (built with the Divi Theme)


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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Landing Page with WordPress”

  1. This is a very useful guide, thanks.

    I think it is really important that a landing page redirects to a thank you page. How would you recommend implementing that?

  2. Hey Mel,

    You just have presented some great list of plugins to build landing pages. I don’t want to go premium for my landing pages so I will try out with few free version plugins for now.

    And one more interesting plugin can be added to this premium list “Thrive Landing Pages”. They are also offering some high-quality landing pages designs and we can also create some unique landing pages for our blog.

    Thanks for the list hope to get more updates like this.

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