How to Build a Recognizable and Consistent Brand

When I see certain pins on pinterest, I know immediately what site it’s coming from. When I see certain imagery or colour combos on instagram, I can guess what account posted it. When I get certain emails, I know I’m going to get a very personal story or great resources. That’s the sign of great branding.

Developing a recognizable brand is the sign of a great business and makes all other marketing efforts tremendously easier.

Not only are we more likely to buy from recognizable sources but I’m also more likely to share, promote and support those brands I know. Some of these brands may use ways of getting their site seen by using a link building service professionally done by a white label company, so they know that they are getting the best they can for their site.

So how do you get a recognizable brand? First part is Brand Discovery and second part is Design

So here’s part 1 of my 16 part #betterblog series


1. Brand Discovery

Who you are, What you stand for, What’s your personality, What do you want to achieve …


You probably already have an idea of what you want your site to be about but how are you going to stand out ?

Here are some questions that can get you thinking about your brand:

  • What do you want to be know for?
  • Is there a niche you are going after?
  • What’s your style? ( What colours do you like to wear? How do you decorate your house? )
  • What do you want customers to say about you?

Nesha has a great free 6 day brand discover course if you need guidance here.


2. Brand Design

All the tangible design stuff: Your Website, Fonts, Logos – all supporting collateral


– Colours –

Colour Scheme

I really like this approach to creating a colour scheme for your personal brand: create a mood board on pinterest then see what colours your like! You should also be aware of the physcology of colours (ie: red can stimulate appetite and can be overpowering, black is perceived as elegance and quality… )


My Process

I personally keep my colour scheme to 2 or 3 colours. I first pick one colour that I LOVE as my primary colour. Then, I pick a colour to complement it from the colour wheel (either on the complementary or triad colour wheel). If I need a 3rd colour, I typically add a shade on my primary colour.

Use the Adobe Colour Wheel to find your colours.


TIP : I also like to test my colour combination in a blog immage. Get the freebie below and see if your colours can easily update the Blog Image templates I created.

– Logo –

Premade Logo Designs

There are a tun of pre-made logos on Creative Market here are some of my favs. To edit these, you will likely need either Photoshop or GIMP if the file is a .PSD, Illustrator the file is .AI file and Illustrator or Inkspace if it’s a .EPS

Create a Letters Only Logo

You can easily create a great looking logo by simply writing out your brand name in a really good font. There are some free fonts that might even pass here’s my collection of fonts on pinterest and also my collection of fonts on Creative market.


TIP: If you don’t have Photoshop then, can also use Pixlr to create your logo easily with a font installed on your computer (see my quick video on how to do that).


Additionally, here’s a great post about the Dos and Don’ts of Logo Design from Elle and Company.


– Website –

You have the option of either hiring someone or you can find a pre-built theme and customize it.

Make sure you like the blog layout, look for a homepage template (if you plan on using one) and make sure it’s responsive.

You can also get free WordPress themes but you definitely get what you pay for and I recommend paying between $30-$60 for a well developed theme that will likely have better support and be updated to support WordPress updates.



– Fonts –


Choosing Fonts

If you chose to work with a theme or website template then your website likely comes with some pre-selected fonts but you will likely want to customize this to help define your own brand.

Sans-serif fonts can be very clean, fun and energetic while serif fonts can be more traditional and sophisticated. Websites often have a combination of a serif for the heading and sans-serif for the body copy. However, I’ve seen the reverse and two serifs being used and it looks fine.


Google Fonts

The BEST WordPress Plugin for selecting your own fonts, changing font sizes, changing line height, etc is Easy Google Fonts (I also have a video where I show you how to use this plugin).

I recommend going directly to Google Fonts and first select the font you want for your header, then picking the font to pair for the body. I also recommend google fonts because programs like Canva will also have the entire Google Font library so your brand with be consistent!

If you need some help then here are some good google font pairings: font pairings 1 font pairings 2


TIP: It’s a good idea to pick a font with a lot of different weights when you go to use that font for blog image design. For body text, make sure you at least have italic and bold styles.

Google Fonts



– Blog Images –


Stock Photos

Finding stock images for your blog can be hard and pricey. Here’s a list of free photos for your blog that you can search through. I generally pay $10 for a stock photo from Stocksy and also use a blog image template.

Blog Post Template

A good blog image template is an EXCELLENT way to achieve consistent branding. Avoid only 1 blog image design because it can be hard to separate different posts visually….



Instead, Design 2 or 3 variations otherwise, it becomes a little hard to discern different blog posts Each variation can have different design but should have the same colours and fonts.

Here’s some inspiration from some sites that do a great job of making consistent branded blog images…..

Spruce Rd






More Resources

A Self Study Guide
Brand Detox
Epic Brand Brew (from byRegina)
Live Branding Workshops
Design Your Own Brand e-course (Registration Starts Spring 2016)
Design for Creatives

Hire Someone

All these are great designers who specifically offer branding services!

Rekita Nicole
Pines Up North (Cole)
Nesha Woolery
The Branded Solopreneur (Dre)
PinkPot Design Studio (Chaitra)
Spruce Rd (Jamie)

Get Free Blog Image Templates !

Get access to 4 pre-made templates on Canva that you can make your own.
(Notice how I kept the designs to 2 main colours so you can easily update them with your own colour scheme!)

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