How to Change Sidebars for Different Pages in WordPress

Want to see a different sidebar for different pages of your WordPress site? At the very least you might want the sidebar of your blog be different from the sidebar of your content page. For instance: tags, archives and categories are only blog specific so it might not make sense to have these widgets on your About page. Well, in this week’s WordPress video I have two plugins to show you that allow you to completely customize you sidebar for all pages of your website!

Links to plugins:
1. Custom Sidebars Plugin (Free)
2. Widget Ninja Plugin ($10)

Also, that cool Fashion theme I am using in the video can be found here (also free!)

3 thoughts on “How to Change Sidebars for Different Pages in WordPress”

  1. No matter how many videos I watch and widgets i install on my website on the new blog page i created the sidebar doesnt show, never i have try everything. Im going crazy. Im missing a sidebar code activation step?

    1. Every theme is different so actually widgets don’t always appear on the sidebar (yes, annoying). However, I just looked at your site and it seems like the blog isn’t showing up. If you create a page and call it “blog” then go to Settings > Reading and make that page your posts page then we might be able to find it! 🙂

  2. I would also add that Jetpack has the visibility function for widgets. So you can have follow me widgets on your home page and popular blog posts show up on an individual blog page.

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