How to Create Content Your Visitors Will Love

You have to be more than just a pretty face online. Great content certainly goes hand in hand with your brand. The ultimate goal is to have people recognize your brand visually then associate great content with it.

How do you do that? You need to find out what visitors want, deliver value and present it with great design. Let’s delve in…

Find Out What Your Visitors Want

You can do some keyword research, witness trends and go with gut feelings but it’s really just a guess when you begin. It can take a while to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Look at Stats
Hopefully you have installed analytics right from day 1. Google Analytics is still the best, but for WordPress, I also like looking at Stats by JetPack. There are those articles that give you the MOST traffic but that’s a true measure of your quality. Look for where people go after that entry page. What categories do they pick? What menu items do they click on. What’s what people are most interested in.

Get Feedback
You will see posts that get a lot of feedback on social media but be careful here: that could be the sign of a great image or great headline. Comments are  the easiest way to get feedback. Comments usually come from people that have read your comment so pay attention what they have to say and what posts are prompting more feedback than others.

Kyla Roma has an excellent feedback form at the bottom of her blog posts for an easy feedback (see what plugin she uses in my freebie below) Image 2016 01 06 At 11.15.08 AM

Find Out What’s Missing
Your stats are only going to show you content that is working from what you already have but what’s missing? Try asking people: go to social media and ask a question or try a poll on your website. Trigger new ideas by leaving your current work environment, witnessing people’s struggles in a facebook group or attending a conference.

Deliver Value

It’s very easy for your content to get lost in the blogsphere when there are hundreds of bloggers doing something similar to you. How do you stand out?

Be unique – try adding a personal experience or personal point of view. People want to hear YOU tell it YOUR way.

Write More Less Often – For years it was the goal of a blogger to write several times a week if not everyday but I’m seeing a strong following with bloggers who write less and offer more. Their posts don’t come often but when they do they deliver SO much.

Teach – Don’t leave people guessing how to implement your ideas. Teach them HOW.

Man Fish Quote

Show the freakin’ man how to fish!


Add Design to Your Content

Good design shouldn’t stop at your content. Basic design principles dictate that design can influence perception, increase appeal and help people learn so use it your advantage!

Add Visual Content Infographic

Create interactive content and embed it in your site

Lets you record your screen and save it as an animate gif!

Create great visuals for you blog (blog post images, quotes, etc)

Upload audio and embed the player in your post

App to create animate text and download it to an animated gif



2 thoughts on “How to Create Content Your Visitors Will Love”

  1. This lesson and yesterday’s lessons really hit home for me. I have the BossLady theme and follow your blog religiously because you provide so much useful and applicable information. If I have a blog question I know that an answer probably lives on your blog! My 3 favorite things from this series so far are: 1. the checklists!! I’m incorporating them into my blog strategy. 2. The high quality info (like blogging less but more content) and 3. The info on plug-ins. There are so many times I see an amazing blog and think, I’ll need to make so much money to pay someone to make my blog do this… and then you share a free plug-in for it! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Can’t say how much I appreciate it as I start up my humble blog. – Nicholle

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