How to Manage Your Blog like a Boss

Knowing how to manage your blog properly can save you time and effort. I will show you WordPress plugins that you can use to help with the every day tasks of blogging but also the maintenance functions to ensure your blog is secure, running smoothly and none of the moving parts are broken.

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Pen and paper is great tool for some but and Editorial Calendar is a really efficient way to schedule out your posts, get a good overview of the month(s) ahead and can be easy re-order posts.


Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Coschedule (free version + paid versions that also handle social media functions)

Coschedule WordPress Plugin



Not so important for a “Managed WordPress Host” (like WpEngine or FlyWheel) but if you are hosting with a a regular shared host (like Site Ground or Bluehost) then it’s a very good idea to protect your site. Some of the key features is disabling multiple logins, allowing you to change you admin login to something more security, blocking known bad networks and scanning for “malware” (bad software).

It’s pretty simple to setup. I’ve used all of these plugins on various site:

Securi Security

Sucuri Security Plugin



WordFence WordPress Plugin
iThemes Security

IThemes Banner WordPress Plugin

Now, I will stay though, on shared hosting of Bluehost and SiteGround, I’ve been hacked. I went through a period of several months where I was trying different combinations of hosts and security plugins and only moving to a Managed WordPress Host fixed that. I still don’t know what exactly the vulnerability was so I don’t know who to blame. I do still haves sites running without problems on both hosts with the above plugins without any issue. I think you can survive on a shared host when you start but really recommend moving over when you start getting more traffic (and more attacks that will inevitably come with it).


Again, not so important for a “Managed WordPress Host” but on other hosts, it’s a good idea to keep backups of your site. Hosts will typically do some kind of back but it’s not necessarily a “WordPress Backup” where you can just restore at the click of a button. Also, using a dedicated WordPress backup plugin will let you set your own schedule and host it somewhere safe like Dropbox or Google Drive (for free!).

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin



To monitor your performance, there are a few tools that I recommend to test out your site’s load time:

If you find your site is taking around 20 seconds to load then that is WAY too long. These sites will give you some suggestions and here are some plugins that you can use to accomplish their suggestions.

*I should mention that they might tell you to place the javascript below the fold which actually always possible to change because javascript is often inserted into your site from plugins and they decide to put them where they want them. Not a huge deal, there are other things you can do to help with speed….


Photon Module in JetPack 

Jetpack By WordPress

WordPress will actually host your images on their high performing servers so they will load faster and help the overall speed of your site.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Cache Plugin

This is really the “go to” plugin to improve your site’s load time and performance. It will cache images and other files so the server doesn’t need to make a trip every time with every page load. It can also minify your javascript and css files (basically make those files smaller).


P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

Some plugins could be making your site sluggish. Checking which plugins could be loading slow is easily to do by simply installing this plugin and running the profiler.


Handle Spam


Akismet Spam Plugin

The best plugin to fight comment spam! This plugin comes with every WordPress install so it just requires you to activate and setup a free account for it to start working.

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