Julie Powell Quote

This weekend I re-watched Julie and Julia because it was recently added to Netflix so today’s quote comes from Julie Powell (the real life blogger depicted in the film).

Julie got a book deal after gaining a large following on her food blog that she started in 2002. If you haven’t seen the movie: she blogs her way through Julia child’s cookbook – making all the recipes in the book within a year. The Movie was based on this book and an autobiography of Julia Child’s.

I LOVE stories like this! I love seeing everyday people and especially bloggers find success (of course). I also find it so interesting how people get to places and I definitely agree with Julie’s quote: you just never know what awaits. I myself have followed a career in web design and development from blogging – I was also blogging in the early days of 2002 (props!). Also, when you work for yourself I’m constantly amazed at different opportunities that present themselves. It’s definitely been a life lesson for me to just follow your interests and see where they lead!

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