Leeza Gibbson Inspiration Quote

Any celebrity apprentice viewers? If you didn’t watch it this season, you missed Leeza Gibbons totally annihilate the competition to finally win it all and be named the next “celebrity apprentice”. I loved watching Leeza because unlike anybody I’ve seen on the show, she beat out the competition with true class – no backstabbing, no dirty tricks, no drama – unheard of, really!

Leeza was competing to raise money for her own alzheimer’s charity called Leeza’s Care Connection in memory of her mother who suffered from the disesase. This quote above from Celebrity apprentice is also in part inspired by her mom who Leeza quoted saying “Stay in your lane, honey… run your OWN race”.

Of course, most will recognize Leeza from her hosting post at Entertainment Tonight – for a good part of *my* childhood but in 2013 Leeza also because a New York times best selling author. Also in 2013, Leeza won an Emmy in 2013 for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Today Leeza hosts a radio show and continues her outstanding career with a number of hosting and speaking gigs. You can find out more about Leeza on her official website.

This woman is a real inspiration for her longevity in the entertainment business, her incredible smarts, creativity and class!

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