How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate with WordPress

I’ve been learning about making money as an Amazon affiliate (or “amazon associate” as they call it). It’s very easy to sign-up for Amazon’s affiliate program and from what I’ve seen most everyone gets approved – you don’t even need an established site. Now, like anything that makes money online, it does require some WORK. Amazon has it setup so that you start at a 4% commission but can make a bigger percentage with the more sales you generate through your site. The strategy here is to target big ticket items to get a large commission but also target items that are more likely to sell in volume so that you can get that bigger percentage !

If you are looking for some products to sell on Amazon, I created a guide to some of those big ticket items: 20 Products that Make over 100k per Month on Amazon 

As a blogger, you have the option of linking products in your posts, sidebar or creating a special a shop page.  Of course, WordPress can make this easier for you with some helpful plugins. Whether you are looking to link to a few Amazon products or create a store, WordPress has a plugin that can help you get your Amazon affiliate commission!

Check out these Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress…

Amazon Auto Link – FREE 

Amazon WordPress Plugin Amazon Auto Links

This plugin is a great tool to quickly grab links from Amazon by searching for products right from your WordPress backend. You can search by product categories or choose a specific product. Your Amazon affiliate id will automatically be inserted into all links that go to the Amazon product page. What’s great about this Amazon affliiate plugin is that it will automatically grab the product information, images, etc for you. It will import everything into your site and you have the option to show, hide different info about the product plus customize the buy button. You can add products to posts, create a page with several products on it or use their handy widget for your sidebar. Another great feature is that links are localized so visitors will be sent to their appropriate amazon site to purchase (ie: Canadians will go instead of .com).

Go to the Download Page | Visit a Site Using this Plugin

Amazon Product in Post – Free
EasyAzon – $67


My Book Tabl – FREE

Amazon WordPress Plugin Amazon My Book Table

Perhaps there’s an opportunity to make affiliate commission on a number of books you can recommend? With this WordPress “Bookstore” Plugin, you can create a list of books and then display them all on one page or use their widget to display books on your sidebar. The plugin will automatically popular links with your amazon affiliate ID so the sale will be attributed to your account. The plugin also states that it uses the html book schemas when they display book info on your site so that there is an opportunity for the content to show up in Google book searches. There are options to customize buy buttons too!

Go to the Plugin Download Page


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AzonAuthoritY – $67

Amazon WordPress Plugin AznauthorityAzonAuthority let’s you can create an entire ecommerce site but send buyers to Amazon when they go to make a purchase. This plugin includes a drag and drop builder to a page of Amazon products but probably what I find most usefully is that it can be used with WooCommerce so you can use any WooCommerce ready WordPress theme, automatically populate products using this plugin and the buy button will send them to Amazon. There are also some critical features like a auto-syncing option so your products won’t be out of date with what’s on the Amazon store.

Go to the Plugin Sales Page | View a live site using this Plugin

Associate Goliath $27 ( live site )
WooZone $66 ( live site )

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So there you have it, some handy Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that you can use for your site for some extra income!
If you are interested in being an affiliate to Amazon then check out my freebie below where I’ve put together a list of 20 products that are making over 100k in sales on Amazon per month.

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Good article. Although it feels a little bare, those 3 are great selection of plugins – I’ve heard people use those.

    I make Amazon niche sites, but haven’t used any of those. I was thinking of using Easy Azon, but feedback so far has rather been lackluster, so I’m tinkering with Genius Links. Currently I use around 13 plugins for my niche sites (including the staple plugins like WP Cache and Akismet)


    Hope you come p

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for this amazing post. i was only aware of easyazon plugin which is the paid one but now i got really cool free plugin for my amazon site.


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