Make Online Sales: 4 Guaranteed Ways You Can Do This !

Creating trust and authority plays a big part in your success online.  When someone sends you money or hires you to do X, they are taking a leap of faith. They want to know that you will deliver and their money isn’t going to waste. So how do you put people at ease?

  • How do you give someone confidence in your ability?
  • How do you show that you are trustworthy ?
  • How do you make people believe they will see a return?

For about TEN! years now people have been sending me money over the internet for products and services so I want to share with you some things that I do to my site to help build that Trust and Authority that eventually leads to a sale!

1 – Show Knowledge & Ability

Share Your Education & Background

When I was first started out, I wanted to share that I had formal education because I didn’t have much experience or a portfolio. Now, I DO have those years under the belt so I make sure that I share that. Put this information in your about page and bio boxes on your site.

Wordpress Bio Box Widget Example

A Sidebar Bio Box

I really like the author bio section right in your sidebar so you have a quick snapshot of the author.

For WordPress there actually isn’t a lot in terms of bio box widgetsThere is the Fanciest Bio Box ($18) but here is what I would recommend:

  1. Get HW Image Widget WordPress Plugin
    This allows you to upload a widget and also add text below using the WYSIWYG editor (so you can also add links – maybe to your linked in page for work history).2. Get the Simple Social Icons WordPress Plugin
    I freakin’ love this plugin! As soon as you activate it, go to your widgets area and you’ll see a new “Simple Social Icons” widget. Drag it over to your sidebar and go nuts – you can change icon size, colours and border radius (make the buttons square or round)

Below Post Bio Boxes

Adding your bio below a post is a great place to remind the person of who delivered the great content you just read. It will help build up your personal brand and establish that you are the authority on topic X !

For WordPress, I really like Simple Author Box because it’s a clean design. An alternative is the Fancier Author Box (very popular and lots of options to change the design).

Share Content

Prove that you know what you’re talking about. Blogging is one of the best ways to show your depth of knowledge by writing posts on related topics. Also, having active social media accounts where you can share content shows your interest and tells people you are on top of current topics. Check out WordPress’ own JetPack plugin with all the Social Media feeds that you can add to your sidebar. Perhaps you have a YouTube Channel where you talk about your topic? Share that in your sidebar with the YouTube Channel Gallery.



People like to hire *real* people online. That’s actually one of the best advantages of being small business or a solopreneur – it’s really easy to show the person behind the brand or website.

Show Your Photo

Blogger Photo Ideas

People like to see the person behind the mask. Check out my inspiration board of Blogger Photo Ideas.  Alot these photos are also able to show some personality too!

Share Your Instagram Feed

Shay Cochrane Instagram

People like to see the behind the scenes photos. What did your vacation look like? How do you setup for a photo shoot? Who do you work with? I’m personally still trying to figure out how to really do it well  but I’m here to show you to do WordPress stuff so we’re good 🙂

For WordPress, I really like Instagram Feed plugin to show my (you guessed it) instagram feed. Alpine Photo Tile is a good alternative.

*Photo above is an instagram snippet from Shay Cochrane who does beautiful stock photography

3 – Show Worth

On top of knowledge and ability, show that you are going to DELIVER your said product or service.

Share Your Portfolio

Show what you delivered in the past. Are you a designer, photographer, writer? Show examples of your work !

In WordPress, there are SOOOOO many ways to display your portfolio. Here’s a few ways you can go about showing your portfolio on your WordPress website…

WordPress Portfolio Themes

Wordpress Portfolio Themes

You can look for WordPress Portfolio Themes (portfolio specific themes). This generally means that while they are a WordPress theme they also typically have special layouts for your Portfolio and also a Portfolio Custom Type.
ie: In the WordPress Dashboard, instead of adding a “New Post” or a New Page, you will add a new “Portfolio Item”.. or whatever they call it.

Show your Portfolio in a Grid Layout

Simply arrange your portfolio items in columns and then link to a page with more photos and a description of each item.

Made To Thrive Portfolio

( The image above is a screenshot of the Made to Thrive website )

To get columns in WordPress, I recommend either the Column Shortcodes Plugin (great shortcode plugin with padding options) or the Beaver Builder Plugin (AWESOME page builder plugin).

If you want to organize or filter your portfolio, consider something like Nimble Portfolio or Digital Publications by Supsystic for free or UberGrid ($19).

Offer FreeBIES

How about give something away for free? Spend some time on an ebook, free course or resource. If you provide value there then I could only assume your PAID product or service would do the same!

In WordPress, keep track of your downloads with Delightful Downloads or Download Monitor

4 – SHOW Social Worth

Do you have a lot of social media followers? Do you have a lot of people actively subscribed on your email list? Do you have testimonials? Show it!

A following shows authority and people are more trusting on what you offer when there are testimonials to back you up!

Show Social Media Stats

A good social media following creates trust with your audience because getting to big numbers means that you aren’t just a flash in the pan. Sharing your numbers shows that you’ve been around for a while and you have been dedicated for some time.

Social Media Counter WordPressFor WordPress, there are some cool plugins that will link to your social media and ALSO show your social media counts.

The image on the left is showing the Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media) Plugin. This also lets you set your own numbers! (sneaky bugger). An alternative is Social Count Plus Plugin.


Share Testimonials

Sharing testimonials is a MUST for every sales page because it’s a clear indication that your are trustworthy if there are others who can vouch for you. For this, I really like the Testimonials Widget for WordPress where you can add testimonials to posts, pages or even your sidebar and create a carousel of testimonials.


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  1. Great advice Mel. I do not need another plugin on my site. I’ve been slowing working on uninstalling plugins. But Testimonials Widget is actually what I’ve been looking for to display my testimonials! I think I’ll search for a YouTube video of the plugin in action. That should help me make my decision. I’m actually hoping I don’t like it so I’m not tempted to install it. 🙂

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