Recipe Plugins for Food Bloggers

I’ve put together a list of 5 recipe plugins for food bloggers. I’ve hand picked these plugins by first looking at the most popular, highest rated then taking them through a test drive myself.

What I’ve found is: not all recipe plugins are the same. Even if these recipe plugins have the same features, many provide some in a free version and require a premium upgrade to get the whole sha-bang (all under $100 to upgrade so that’s actually not terrible).

Some recipe plugins have lots of display options, some help promote your recipes on big recipe networks and some give you a sophisticated way to organize all your recipes.

Take a look through my list and see which one might suit you!

1. Easy Recipe

The Easy Recipe WordPress plugin is a fantastic plugin to format your recipes on your post page. Once you activate the plugin, you can add your recipe by clicking on a new easy recipe icon in your Visual Editor then filling out the recipe fields.

One you’ve added your recipe to your posts, another google icon will appear in the visual editor to check that the fields follow Google’s Rich Snippets for Recipes.

There are a few different layouts to choose from in the plugin’s settings area then – the really cool part – you can edit the font, font size, colour and padding with their own visual editor. And don’t worry: all your edits will be used for all recipes used throughout the site.

Easy Recipe Plugin WordPress Editor

Your recipe can be saved on Big Oven network so it can be found there and hopefully add some traffic to your site.

Another thing: your recipe will be appear on on within a few minutes of being published. is a website like Foodgawker or Tastespotting – the benefit to you is that your recipes will get more exposure.

What I really like about this plugin is that you can disable the plugin and you will still be able to see your recipe in regular text (the formatting provided by the plugin will be gone). This is the only plugin I’ve seen where disabling your plugin won’t loose your recipe content.

Additional options are available in the Premium Version of this plugin (very affordable at $24.95). These options include:

  • More than 1 recipe on a Page
  • Adding More than 1 Image
  • Adding Links in the Recipe
  • Bold Formatting
  • Guest Posts
  • Bulk Import from Different Recipe Formats
  • More Templates
  • Priority Support

Visit Easy Recipe’s Plugin Page


2. Recipe Card

The Recipe Card plugin is a very popular and 100% free WordPress recipe plugin. It has many of the same featured as Easy Recipe but perhaps a bit more options for layout and display.

Recipe Card WordPress Plugin

Recipe card also plays nice with Google so your recipes get enhanced listings in google search results.

Other features include the ability to print the recipe, enable reviews, add nutrition facts and save to a recipe box (hosted by

Once per day, the reviews and nutritional information you add for your recipes will be shared on

Visit Recipe Card’s Plugin Page


3. WP Ultimate Recipe

If you are looking to catalogue and organize your recipes into categories then WP Ultimate might be what you’re looking for. This plugin allows you to keep recipes separate from regular posts as it’s own “recipe type”. You can view the recipe by viewing it’s recipe post or you can embed the recipe on another post or page.

Wp Ultimate Recipe Plugin

What’s really cool about this plugin is it’s ability categorize your recipes. You organize your recipes in courses, ethnic cuisines or even ingredients! Check out the example below, you can click on the “Breakfast” link to view all recipes filed as breakfast or click on the “Eggs” link to see all recipes that contain eggs.

I can see it getting a little annoying at times when you must separate ingredients into different fields as opposed to a quick copy and paste or add on one line but if does format the ingredients nicely after.

German Pancake Recipe

Recipes can be shared to BigOven, Food Fanatic and Yummly.  What’s also neat about this plugin is it’s ability to break the instructions down in separate steps and add images with each step.

Also, like the previous two plugins, WP Ultimate Recipe translates your recipe info the recipe microdata used for Google recipe search.

The one thing that’s pretty limiting in the free version is the display options. You only get one template and aren’t left with any ability to change font or colour without getting into some CSS coding.

A Premium version of WP Ultimate Recipe starts at $74.99. Some of the premium features:

  • Template Editor
  • User Submissions
  • User Ratings
  • Premium Widget
  • Priority Support
  • Display Recipes in a Grid
  • Import from other recipe systems (Ziplist, Easy Recipe, Recipe Card, etc)

Visit WP Ultimate Recipe’s Plugin Page


4. GetMeCooking Recipe Template

The GetMeCooking recipe plugin works my like WP Ultimate Recipe (above) where your recipes are separate “post types” (apart from posts and pages).

The free version of the plugin lets you change labels, edit categories and change the display (background colour and border) but doesn’t give you different layout options.

Get Me Cooking Recipe

This plugin is meant to work side by side with the Get Me Cooking where other food bloggers share their recipes and traffic for your food blog could also come from this site.

Also similar to WP Ultimate Recipe, you can assign different categories (Occasions, Regions, Allergies, etc). However, these links take you to all related posts on the Get Me Cooking site (you can disable that or link within your own site in the premium version).

The Premium Version of the plugin ($99.99)  lets you add nutritional information, display an index of recipes, view recipes by category, in-blog linking, recipe slideshow and multi-language support.

Visit the GetMeCooking Plugin Page

5. Zip Recipes (An Alternative to Ziplist)

The Zip recipes plugin works much like Easy Recipe and Recipe card by providing a quick recipe add button in the Visual Editor. Then, simply fill out your recipe fields and your recipe is formatted on the page, ready for print and optimized for google search.

Zip Recipe WordPress

What’s missing is a lot of options for design and submission to a network. However, if you are looking for more of a lightweight plugin or are capable of using CSS then this plugin would be a good fit.

Zip Recipes advertises that it’s 100% compatible with the discontinued Ziplist Recipe Plugin and all you have to do is active the plugin and you’ll automatically see all your recipes in Zip Recipes.

Visit Zip Recipe’s Plugin Page


More about the Ziplist Recipe Plugin …

Many food bloggers run the Ziplist Recipe Plugin – it still might even be the most used recipe plugin out there today. However, in December 2014, the company behind Ziplist closed down the Recipe box site that supported the plugin and in the plugin’s FAQs, they state that they no longer maintain the plugin and may not update it.

Those that run the Ziplist recipe plugin may still use it on their site and may never run into problems but one day a WordPress update might not be compatible or the schema standards might evolve more and your recipes are no longer getting the google search attention, etc

Therefore, I’d urge existing Ziplist users to find an alternative plugin (most recipe plugins have a Ziplist import feature) and for new food bloggers I’d stay clear 🙂


Ok, *One* More Plugin: The Visual Recipe Index

This is another very useful plugin for your food blog – A Recipe Index Page!

You simple install the plugin then generate thumbnails to display all posts from X category. You can add several shortcodes on a page. The example below is how Bake Happy is using it on her site.

Bake Happy Recipe Index

This index plugin  can actually work with any blog that wants to display their categories in thumbnail view but definitely make sense for food bloggers!

Visit the Visual Recipe Index Plugin Page

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