See How These Top Bloggers Use WordPress!

Today, I share with you 3 top bloggers who run successful blogs using WordPress. These 3 women bloggers have grown their blogs to not only support them full time but also require small team to manage and run. It’s such an inspiration to me to see all of these woman find a career by pursuing what they love.

I will take you behind the tech scenes to show you how these blogs use WordPress – what plugins do they use and who built their theme. There might be something that you can use on your own site!

Let’s do it…

1. Studio DIY

Studiodiy WordPress WebsiteI’m so in love with this colourful party blog. Studio DIY started in 2011 and  is run by Kelly and a small team (including her husband Jeff). The blog covers recipes, travel, style, DIY and also has a little shop.

Let’s take a peek behind the door and see how they are using WordPress to run their blog…

WordPress Plugin: Max Mega Menu

Diy Mega Menu WordPress

How much do you LOVE this menu?? Seriously a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e ! They are using the Max Mega Menu Plugin – a FREE WordPress Plugin! This plugin works with your existing WordPress menu and lets you choose different layouts, themes and images can be added with simple widgets. Visit their page and play the video for details on how it’s used!


WordPress Plugin: ITRO Popup

Studio Diy WordPress Newsletter

To sign-up for their newsletter, Studio DIY uses the ITRO Popup Plugin. Their free version lets you use the visual editor to display whatever you like in the popup and set your cookie timeout. The Pro Version integrates with MailChimp, show the popup on click and has other additional features.


WordPress Plugin: Easy Recipe Plus

Studiodiy Easyrecipeplus WordPress Plugin

All the Studio DIY recipes use the Easy Recipe Plus WordPress Plugin which allows them to specially format recipes, adds an easy print option, adds code to play nice with Google and other options. See my post about WordPress Recipe Plugins for more details.

Lastly, their theme is a custom WordPress Theme developed by Jane Reaction and  Alchemy + Aim.


Cup Of Jo WordPress Website

Joanne Goddard runs the wildy popular Cup of Jo blog from her home in Brooklyn, New York. I think she is the BEST for curating content – I always love her finds and is the first place I visit on a lazy Sunday morning. Joanne has made blogging her full-time job by partnering with brands for income (she has a great post all about it here).

Let’s see what Jo is using to run her site…

WordPress Plugin: Infinite Scroll

Cup Of Jo Infinite Scroll WordPress

Helping people getting completely lost in Jo’s blog by scrolling endlessly through hundreds upon hundred of posts it the Infinite Scroll Plugin.

WordPress Plugin: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Cupofjo Yet Another Related Posts

Below the bottom of every post you will see some related posts powered by the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. This plugin has been around for quite some sometime and has a complex algorithm for deciding which posts get shown as related. They also have a neat looking pro version that allow you to display sponsored content if you are looking to monetize your blog with advertisers 😉

Lastly, the Cup of Jo theme is a custom WordPress Theme designed by Apartment One and developed by Zoe Rooney.


Stylebyemilyhenderson WordPress Theme

Emily is a style and interior design blogger who has been on HGTV, magazine and has deals with big brands such as Target. She and her small team run her website using WordPress and enhance it’s functionality with a number of great plugins.

WordPress Plugin: WooCommerce

Emily Henderson WordPress Plugin Woocommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce for selling physical goods and it’s actually FREE! You can easily setup a shop and sell products using paypal as a payment processor. It also has great integrations with shipping services.

WordPress Plugin: Search & Filter Pro

Emily is using Search & Filter Pro plugin to refine search results. This is a great thing to give to your visitors control or to refine yourself instead of search ALL content.

Finally, Emily’s beautiful website and blog was designed and developed by M+.

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  1. Firstly, these sites are all so beautiful! Secondly, I love the navigation menu on Studio DIY. I would have never thought that this was done with a plugin. I’m going to have to bookmark this plugin for future reference. This is a feature I would love to add to a future blog design.

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