How to Sell Ads on Your WordPress Website

Who isn’t interested in making some extra cash on the side? Selling ads on your WordPress site has actually never been easier! Advertisers are more and more keen to find new customers through blogs and selling ads on your WordPress website doesn’t take much time at all to setup. You don’t have to have a tun of traffic either. There are many different options for you to sell ads with the use of an ad network to handle payment and statistics or you can completely manage ads with a WordPress plugin.

Sell Ads with WordPress with a Hosted Network

1. Passionfruit Ads Passionfruit Ads is an incredibly simply way to sell banners ads on your website and automate the process. There are no traffic requirements to sell ads with Passionafruit. Passionfruit works on a monthly fee to use their services starting at $3/month. Once you decide what you want to sell, you copy and paste their code in your WordPress page to create an “ad shop” (use the “html” tab in the WYSIWYG editor). Then, copy and paste the banner code in the text/html widget where you want the banner to appear. Here is a live version of passion fruit ads on the Mompreneur Media website. 2. BuySell Ads BuySell Ads allows you to sell ads to advertisers in the Buy Sell Ad Network. In order to qualify for their program, they will need to have enough advertisers in your niche area and you will need at least 50,000 page impressions per month. Once you are approved for their network, you simply install their WordPress plugin that will allow you to sell banners on your site and automate the banner ad sales. BuySell Ads doesn’t charge you to setup an account but takes a transaction fee of 25% for every banner sale. Here is a live version here 3. AdProval One of the newest ad services lets you sell banner ads for a 10% transaction fee and you get paid instantly! To create your shop, you simply copy and paste your code into your WordPress page via the “html” tab. Then, to create your banner space, you copy and paste the code into the text/html widget. Looks like they are still working on their marketplace so they likely don’t have the network the other two have but the service and price is certainly attractive!

Sell Ads with WordPress with Plugins

1. WP Pro Advertising System This premium plugin is the most popular on theme forest with over 1200 purchases and an average rating of 4/5. The plugin is only $28 and with the $11 buy and sell add on you have a complete ad system for your site! 2. Banner Manager Pro Another premium WordPress plugin to sell ads that allows you to automate the sale and banner upload with advertisers right on your site. Very affordable at $20

Sell Ads with WordPress with FREE Plugins

1. Image Widget Ok. This is pretty low in features but really, the Image widget could be the perfect fit for your advertising needs! This widget allows you to upload and image then provide a url to link the image. This might work if you want to sell monthly ads where you aren’t switching out ads too often. Let the advertisers contact you via email or contact form then get them to send payment via paypal. You’ll just have to manually upload their ad at the beginning of the month and take it down at the end of the month. Statistics will have to be up to them 🙂 2. AdRotate AdRotate is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display banner ads not only in widget areas but also in a page or post. The free version lets you schedule ads, limit clicks, limit impressions and shows you statistics. The paid version lets advertisers manage their own ads. Not a bad alternative to the networks above if you feel comfortable sorting out payment on your own. ** Although this plugin has a big following it seems like the latest release has had problems so hopefully they work through those options by the time you try it out!

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