How to Sell Digital Products with WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for selling online and selling digital products is very easy to do! You can use WordPress as a complete online ecommerce website or many bloggers will add shop pages to their existing sites. Many people will opt to choose a platform like FastSpring in order to manage the recurring payment of their software from their customers more effectively. I’ve seen bloggers sell printable blogging calendar templates, meal plan templates, ebooks, printable party banners , cards – whatever! There is a lot you can package up in pdf or zip file that will be of value to someone else. I’ve also see bloggers sell online training or courses with their WordPress site where they simply deliver the password to a protected page or vimeo video.

** If you are looking for some great examples of some WordPress sites selling digital goods then check out my freebie at the bottom of this post: 7 WordPress Shops Selling Digital Goods!

Here are the 3 WordPress plugins I would suggest if you are interested in selling digital products on your site:

1. EAsy Digital DownloaDS

My first “go to” plugin for selling digital downloads is the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin and it’s what I use to sell my WordPress themes 🙂

It’s 100% free for all the functionality required to upload products, organize them, accept payment through paypal and keep records. After that, you can pay for “extensions” (or “add ons”) – I’ve paid for one to sync customers with a mailchimp list and I’ve also paid for the affiliate add-on. There are a TUN to choose from.

In the video below, I’ll show you what Easy Digital Downloads look on the backend in WordPress.


2. wooCommerce

Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

My second recommendation is the WooCommerce plugin. This is the most popular plugin for WordPress eCommerce websites because it’s quite a powerful plugin and also 100% free. Actually, this plugin is now maintained by Automattic (the company behind WordPress) so it’s pretty legit.

With this plugin, you can create more detailed product listings with variations (size, colour, etc), specify weight for shipping, etc. This, of course, is not typically necessary for digital products which is why it’s not my #1 pick – just a lot of extra features and bulk you don’t need.

However, if you are going to sell a LOT of products and want to organize them into different categories then Easy Digital Downloads can do this but WooCommerce can do this better – offering sidebar widgets, sorting options, etc. Also, if the entire site is an eCommerce shop then there are a lot of WooCommerce specific themes ( here and here )


3. WordPress Download Manager with WordPress Digital Store Addon

Wordpress Download Manager Plugin

Lastly, I would consider WordPress Download Manager plugin with the WordPress Digital Store Add On. Again, 100% to upload your products, manage customers, add coupons, integrate with paypal and get reports. I really like that you can store your digital files on Dropbox, Google Drive or another system instead of using your host. Also, their FREE version includes licensing functionality if you are worried about distribution of your products.

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Looking for some inspiration or some examples of some WordPress shops selling digital products? Download my freebie below where I share 7 stores using the plugins listed above!

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