Sell Online Courses with WordPress and LifterLMS

Today I show you how you can host and sell online courses with WordPress! There are a few “Learning Management” solutions out there and I’ve tried several but my favourite by far is a LifterLMS

You can download the plugin for free from their website or search for the plugin by searching “LifterLMS” from your WordPress Dashboard. You can create free courses and then accept payments using their add-ons.

Lifter LMS allows you to create courses organized by Sections and Lessons inside. You have a plethora of access options (specify start and stop dates, etc) and payment options (one time payments or define payment plans).

The one thing I really love is LifterLMS’s advanced communication features – I can send emails to enrolled users by triggered events. If you’re wanting to provide informative and educational videos to your students, you could look at a video management platform to start creating and storing your educational videos ready for viewing.

Watch the video below to see how LiferLMS works and a look at how it works inside your WordPress dashboard.

If you are interested in making online courses then I recommend considering that you host them yourself with WordPress. It’s super easy to install and setup! No need to pay for 3rd party solutions when!

I also would recommend using a separate site or subdomain for your online course. For instance, my main site is this one ( and my shop sits at (

Also, check out my Course Lady Theme or Biz Lady Theme if you want a WordPress Theme that’s fully integrated with LifterlMS!

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