How to Sell Your Services Online With WordPress

If your business is service based then I have some tips and tools to help sell your services online with WordPress!

I’ve categorized them into what  I consider are 5 things you need to do to your site to prepare you to sell services online.

Let’s just get into it…

1. Humanize Your Website

People buy from trusted sources and feel more trust online when they know there is a real, living, breathing person behind the veil. So humanize your site: show photos of yourself, show photos of your workspace, share your social media links and be “real” when you write.

An About Page is a MUST! You’ll be surprised how many people visit this page FIRST when they are new to your site!

This is actually where the solopreneurs have a leg up on big business because it’s easier to connect with one person rather than a big company so take advantage and show off YOU as much as possible!

Some examples: 

Taylor Bryanne
I love this homepage banner on Taylor Bryanne’s website ! It’s a great photo that shows some personality as well. Actually, her whole site is filled with great photos that definitely help humanize her website and sell her coaching services.  Visit her site


Amanda Miller Little john users a homepage slideshow to personalize her homepage Visit her site


Julie Harris About Page
Julie Harris has FANTASTIC professional images all throughout her site and her about page includes a nice background about herself, her services and some personal fun facts. Visit her site

Try these WordPress Plugins:


2. Create a Services Page

Visitors need to know what you offer! Make sure you create a at least one dedicated services page that you include in your main navigation so people can easily get to it.  To list your services, try finding applicable images and breaking them out into columns or perhaps you can create a packages table?

Tip: If you can, dedicate entire pages for the different services for better SEO.

Jessica Howell does a great job of creating a simple page breaking down her services. Visit her site


Success Society Packages
Awesome packages on Success Style Visit the site

Try these WordPress Plugins:


3. Show some Credibility

Next, you want to validate your services and show that you are credible either by displaying testimonials or a creating a portfolio (both if applicable).


Already built into WordPress is the ability to add a gallery of images. A gallery or even a slideshow is the quickest and easiest way to display your work.

More advanced from there are portfolio plugins that can categorize your portfolio items, add descriptions to your work and even dedicate whole pages to bigger projects.

Tip: If you have a very large portfolio to show off then then you might also want to look for a WordPress theme that comes with a portfolio section built into it!

Kaleidoscope Portfolio
Amanda Fuller organizes her portfolio neatly with the WP Canvas – Gallery plugin for WordPress Visit the Kaleidoscope Site


Andrea Simon Portfolio
Food Stylist Andrea Simon uses the essential grid plugin to show off her styled photos in her portfolio. Visit her site

Try These WordPress Plugins:


Testimonials can be displayed all kinds of ways on your site. You can use the styles provided within WordPress to italacize the font or emphasize text with a blockquote. Often, with testimonials it’s nice to arrange testimonials into columns.

Tip: It’s recommend that you provide an image of the person who gave the testimonial whenever possible!

In the past, I’ve used a couple of WordPress plugins to show different and random testimonials on ALL pages of my website because I feel like testimonials easy support every page of a service website.

Style Agreement Testimonials
I love how Baaba includes good photos of her testimonial clients for her styling services – showing extra validating that these testimonials are coming from REAL people! Visit her site


Tweets Testimonial
Erika from uses embedded tweets (from twitter) to show off some of her praise <- works especially well if you are just starting off and don’t have a lot of testimonials!

Try These WordPress Plugins:


4. Create a Contact Page

You’ll need a way for people to get in touch so will need to create your contact page. This should also be listed in your main navigation so it’s very easy to find (typically it’s your last menu item).

You don’t need a tun of design for your contact page – it should be pretty straight forward. You can add additional fields to your contact form if you want to pre-qualify leads (find out their budget, website url, etc).


Jillian Adriana Contact Form
Love this simple Contact Page on Jillian Adriana’s site. Visit her site

Tip: It may be a good idea to share both your email AND include a contact form on your Contact page because people have different preferences for both.
ie:  A contact form is quick but people may not trust that a contact form actually works – or – your lead doesn’t have the default mail client setup to send a direct email so they prefer to send the email via contact form

Try these WordPress Plugins:


5. Get Paid

Finally, you need to get paid!

Now, when I was freelancing, I hopped onto paypal and sent payment request to my clients via email, however, there are situations where it’s easier and faster to send clients to a Payment Page.

Add a Pay Button

You can add a PayPal button to a page on your website and have clients pay with PayPal or Visa. Or, if you want to avoid PayPal, you can also have them pay with Stripe with WP Simple Pay Lite with Stripe. Both of these plugins also let the payee enter amounts so you can reuse these buttons for different clients.

If you need to pre-qualify leads then I recommend creating these pay pages but keep them out of your navigation and send out the link to clients when you are ready to begin work.

Sell Services as Products

If you have set pricing and several services that clients can buy at one time (ie: a logo, a business card design, a website, etc) then you can try out the WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart and add it straight to your services pages.

Have People Fill Out a Form and Pay

If you need to collect certain information along with payment then you can integrate your contact form with PayPal using this plugin. Add this right after the description of your services so visitors can opt-in right there!

Tip: If you find that you are getting a lot of emails from the same people wanting help when you should be getting paid for your knowledge and expertise then one way to handle this type of situation is to inform them of your hourly consulting fee and you’d be happy to help out once they purchase your services and provide them with your payment page (I heard this tip from Kimra Luna on one of her periscopes!)

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  1. Now a days wordpress is the best CMS . At first wordpress was seemed to be only for Blogging .
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