Target Your Audience Better with These 3 Ways

You have a well branded website and you are driving traffic to it so great work! You are attracting and audience. You started with your gut and probably some common sense on how to target the audience you are looking for but what can you do better? 

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1. Refine Your Content

My strategy for my blog is definitely to provide value. I don’t think I’m a particularly great writer but only hope my content will make up for that 🙂 I pay attention to the posts that are getting social media attention and then look back to old posts and see how I can refine them. Sometimes it’s just the topic that isn’t hitting home with visitors.

For Landing Pages, there is absolutely an art and science to good copy. There are a lot of websites and marketing companies that focus entirely on sales copy. I recommend check out the Rule Breakers Club for sales copy tips.


Marketers will often create different pages entirely and send the different urls to multiple campaigns. You can easily do the same for Landing Pages.

For post and pages on your site, a great WordPress Plugin to try is the Simple Page Tester.

Simple Page Tester

This WordPress plugin allows you to create A/B split test of your page. You can use your original url and it will redirect visitors to a unique url for each test. If you have Goals setup in google analytics then you can see which url gave you the most conversions!

If you don’t have WordPress or want to definite specific variants on a page then also head over to Google Experiments.


2. Experiments with Visuals

Great Visuals are so important to your blog today. I touched on branded visuals in your post in my Branding post. For your blog, visuals themselves can be a call to action so better visuals will directly relate to your conversions there.

While I use Photoshop almost daily, I’m slowly starting to do more in Canva. If you have minimal design skills then modifying their templates could go a long way (they even have a whole section called ‘blog graphic’).

Canva Blog Post Image


You can test out different blog graphic styles on different blog posts and see which images are getting the most shares but it’s very hard to track because you can’t properly discern between design and content.

The best way to measure your visuals for conversion is to split test your blog graphic. In order for the split test to be accurate, you need the SAME content in the post and the SAME content in your image but DIFFERENT visual or design. The only tool I know of that can do this is the Pro Version of the Title Experiments WordPress Plugin (it’s only $29/year). The pro version will allow you to upload several featured images for one blog post, pick which image to show for each visitors and measure clicks.


3. Try Different Headlines

From my time working for an internet marketing company I know this to be probably the best way to improve conversion on Landing Pages and this is likely true for your pages and blog posts. For this, I would have to definitely recommend you head over to copy blogger and read through some of their headline posts for ideas on what you can try out.


Again, you can use Simple Page Tester to test different post or page Titles then track the unique URL with Google Analytics goals to track conversion.

If you want a really quick and easy test for overall performance then try out the Title Experiments Free WordPress plugin. Title Experiments Free
Once you install it you have the option of testing different titles and the plugins tracks click through rate (clicks/impressions). Also note that they do so in a way that won’t affect your SEO.


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