The Epic Guide to WordPress

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by WordPress. There’s a lot of information out there and especially if you are new to WordPress, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start! I tried to put together a list of articles that will give you the complete A to Z of running a WordPress site.

If you are a complete newbie, start from the top and work your way down! Note that these articles are pertinant to a self-hosted WordPress website (read the first post if you’re already confused).

If you’re a seasoned WordPress website owner then there’s likely one or two take-aways you will get from the posts below.

Getting Started

To begin, figure out if you want to have your website sit on or self-host your website. Most blogs you see are self-hosted. Check out these 2 posts to see the difference. vs

Why You Need to Host you Own Blog

How to Get a WordPress Website

WordPress Hosting & Install 

How to get your WordPress setup on your host!

How to Setup A WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes

How to Start a Blog
How to Start a Blog on WordPress

How-to Transfer from to

If you are on and want to host yourself then here’s how you can export your data!
How to Move your WordPress site from to

How-to Transfer from Blogger to WordPress

If you have a blogger blog and don’t want to loose your content then here’s how you can import everything into WordPress.
Transferring your blog from blogger to WordPress

Blogger to WordPress Transfer Services

If you don’t feel comfortable doing a blogger to WordPress transfer then there are services you can buy to do it for you!
Blogger to WordPress Migrations
Blogger to WordPress Migrations Packages
Blogger to WordPress Migration Packages
Blogger to WordPress Transfer Package


 WordPress Setup

Ok! You have a WordPress website but here are a couple of things you might want to setup before you jump into content creation…
Get WordPress Setup so you Can Start Blogging
20+ Important Things You Need To Do After WordPress Installation
How to install Akismet to Prevent Spam in WordPress
How-to: Change WordPress Permalink Structure to SEO Friendly Urls
How to change the number of posts displayed on the WordPress home

WordPress Beginner How-tos

Let’s get post and page creation down pat… 
The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your First Post in WordPress
How to Create a Post
14 Tips for Mastering the WordPress Visual Editor
WordPress Pages + Categories
Categories and Tags On WordPress

WordPress 2nd Grader How-tos

How to create posts and pages are a piece of cake – now it’s time to get into some other topics and areas of your site.
7 Ways to Add Sharing to Your WordPress Site
Yoast SEO – Overall Setup + Optimization
WordPress User Roles and Permissions
Add New Users and Authors to Your WordPress Blog
How-to: Add a Sleek Author Box Within Your Posts in WordPress

WordPress 101 Tutorials

WordPress 101
20 Video Tutorial Series
Easy WP Guide WordPress Manual for WordPress 4.3


WordPress Tips 

25 Quick WordPress Tips and Ideas that Beginners May Miss
9 WordPress Blog Design Mistakes to Avoid
What to do Before Publishing your Blog Post
How to Crop an Image in WordPress
WordPress Landing Pages – Plugins, Themes and Page Builders
7 Stunning Yet Hidden WordPress Features You Must Learn Today

WordPress Plugins

How to Install a WordPress Plugin
How to Install Plugins
Setting Up JetPack for WordPress
9 Essential WordPress Plugins that Will Engage Blog Visitors

WordPress Themes 

How to Choose a WordPress Theme
WordPress Themes
20 Top Feminine WordPress Themes to Feed Your Creativity
Blog Themes and Templates

Custom WordPress Theme Designers

If you don’t want to go the DIY route by finding a theme and customizing it yourself then you can also hire a theme designer to take the reins. 
WordPress Theme Designers

WordPress Courses

How to easily Manage your WordPress Website
Beginner WordPress e-Course

WordPress Backup

WordPress Maintenance

 Best Practices
Speed Up Your WordPress Website
How to Perform a WordPress Site Audit
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  1. So this is a long thank you note but here goes: I found you and your epic site a week ago on Pinterest. I decided to switch hosts and start with a fresh WordPress slate about the same time. I began to research extensively on plugins, themes, and other must have items for a responsive site. This post was just what I needed. I used more information than not and I want to say thank you for your effort. I may be partial to chiaroscurro images and a grittier theme but I appreciate what you have done and just want to say that you inspire me. Hope this finds you well xoxo Cori Margarita

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