WordPress Call-to-Action Plugins and 8 Places to Put Them on Your Website!

The purpose of any page on your website should be defined by it’s call-to-action. Perhaps you want visitors to Optin to your newsletter? Sign up for a webinar? Book an Appointment? Contact you for services? Follow you on Pinterest?

You are probably already thinking that you want visitors to do several things on your site. Yes, you’ll likely have a few call to actions. In this post I’m going to show you how to narrow down to your most important call to actions and the best places to put them on your page for better results.

How to Find Your Most Important Call to Actions

To begin, my advice is to focus first on your most important goal (hint: it’s likely something that will make you money!). Then you need to figure out the actions your visitors took on your site to reach that goal. They might have reached your goal a number of ways but what is the most typical path. It also may be that your visitor didn’t convert on that first visit. Your analytics would be a good place to look but if you don’t have that setup then you will just have to take your best guess, measure and refine. You might want to sit down and map out a sales funnel or even pick up one of these free sales funnel templates.

For instance, I sell WordPress themes on this site. Visitors have to be able to get to my sales page but if they currently aren’t looking for a new WordPress theme to purchase then their journey most likely started with reading some posts, getting on my newsletter and then deciding to purchase.

If you are a Lifestyle blogger and you want to make partnerships with brands then it might be that you are going to focus mostly on growing your audience and making sure brands know how to reach you. Therefore, your most important call to actions will be for visitors to follow you on social media and making sure a “Work with Me” page is clear.

If you are just starting out then you probably want to grow your readership so you can maybe pick 1 social media site to drive most of your traffic to. Also, if you do plan on selling a product or service later down the road then starting to build your mailing list from day 1 isn’t a bad idea! 🙂

Where To Put Your Call to Actions

Now that you’ve figured out (or guessed at) your most important call to action(s), have a read through the rest of the post and see where you should place them. Once you have that down, you can figure out where to place everything else.


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1. Top / Header Call to Action

Placing a call to action at the top or header section of your page is prime real estate. Most eyes will see this area of your site so place your best call to actions somewhere here.


Your Menu

Don’t underestimate the power of your top menu! It’s the MAIN navigation to your site. Keep the options simple (at most 5 links) and keep the link names short.

Hello Bar – FREE

Hello Bar PluginGreat free plugin (or paid) that lets you drive traffic to an important page on your site.


MailChimp Top Bar – FREE

Mailchimp Top Bar

Have a MailChimp email list? Get them to subscribe with an form that sits at the very top of your page – SO easy to find!


Top Bar – FREE

Top Bar WordPress Plugin

No frills easy peasy top announcement bar that lets you add text and a button



2. POPUP Call to Action

A Popup is still an effective tool to get content infront of your visitor. You can use a popup to send people to a page, announce something or provide an optin inside the popup. Popups can now be more sophisticated to appear at optimal times in a person’s visitor (once they’ve scrolled down a percentage of a page, stop them if they intend on leaving, etc). Think not only about hitting your visitors as soon as they come to your site but allowing them to digest some content on your site and find value. From there, they may be more willing to take action!


PopupAlly – FREE or Pro

PopupAlly WordPress Plugin

The free version lets you create popup forms with exit intent, popup forms after a timed delay or lets you embed your newsletter subscribe form at the bottom of your posts. The pro version also has options to place your optin in the top bar, sidebar, triggered box, etc.


MailMunch – FREE or Upgrade

Mailmunch WordPress Plugin

First, you need a free MailMunch account to create your call-to-action and then you can create your optin for your top bar, pop-up/lightbox, sidebar optin or scroll triggered box.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Get more like for your facebook page with this lightbox.



3. Side Floating Bar Call to Action


Custom Share Buttons with Floating Bar

Foating Sidebar WordPress Plugin

A very obvious and easy way to share content is to provide social media share buttons. This plugin floats the share buttons alongside the content area and provide an obvious and simple way to share ANY page of your site!


4. Category Description

A lot of people forget that you can add descriptions to your categories. If you are offering something that’s related to a specific category on your blog (and it should be!) then throw a call to action in there!

Category Description


5. Inside the Post/Page Call to Action

A call to action that sits within your post will have something to do with the posts’s content. This is a good place to add a call to action (even simple links) to related products or services you offer. Go back into your old posts and see if you can add links to them?

Within your posts is also a good time to include social media share buttons and I have a couple of plugins below that can help you with that.

Note: I would be careful not to embed too many links to promotions or offers that could change because you don’t want to go back and edit your posts!


Frizzly – FREE


Let people share your content along with an image to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Click to Tweet – FREE

Click To Tweet This is the plugin that I used on this site after my posts. The Click to tweet plugin allows you to create custom tweets that visitors can send to twitter with a simple click!



6. After the Post Call to Action

Yes! Your visitor made it to the bottom of your post so they likely found value in your content. This is a great place to show them how they can get MORE.


Related Posts (JetPack Module) – FREE

Jetpack By WordPress

Show related content to your visitor! This module in JetPack will automatically show links and thumbnails to related posts so your visitor can become more engaged and familiar with your site!


Easy Forms for MailChimp – FREE
Easy Forms For Mailchimp

Offer your visitor a way to stay in touch and get more content by offering a newsletter signup! Once connected to your MaicChimp account, you can easily pick which list you want subscribers to be added to and you can easily track your conversion rate.


WP Canvas Shortcodes – FREE

Wpcanvas Shortcodes

WP Canvas Shortcodes is my favourite shortcode plugin. By using WordPress plugins you can add style to your test and in the case of a call to action, you can add pull-out boxes and buttons so visitors can visually see your intended action.


Scroll Triggered Boxes – FREE
Scroll Trigger Boxes Scroll Triggered Boxes allows you to create call to action boxes trigger as your come to the bottom of the post or page.

OnePress Opt-in Panda – FREE

Optin Panda WordPress Plugin

Opt-In Panda is a great way to “unlock” a content upgrade. Once your visitor adds their email, subscribes, then confirms their email, the page will refresh and the link or extra content you are hiding will be seen.


Note: You may want to use something like Ad Inserter that will auomatically place the same call to action below every post instead of having to go back and edit all posts if your offer changes!


7. Sidebar Call to Action

Your sidebar is typically where you place additional navigation and it’s become an obvious place to load in ads. It’s a great place for links to a contact page and social media because it’s where someone might expect those to be. On top of that, if you are going to place promotional banners then I’d try not to put too much because it can easily be overlooked as ad space. Consider also playing with size to grab your visitors attention.


Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons AdderCreate social media share buttons that sit your sidebar so when someone wants to follow you, they can do so.

Image Widget

Image WidgetCanva is becoming my favourite design too and you can easily create a great banner image there, upload it your sidebar and add a link!

Easy Forms for MailChimp – FREE

Already mentioned above but you can also include your optin form in your sidebar with this plugin.


8. Footer

Your footer is another typical area for navigation so make sure you include links to important pages and social media in your footer.


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