Behind the Scenes: WordPress Plugins used by the "Top With Cinnamon" Food Blog

This week I take a look at the WordPress plugins used by Food Blog: Top With Cinnamon. Izy Hossack, a teenager from London, is at the helm of this popular food blog. With just under 3 years of blogging her site has big social media status with a huge following: 24,629 on Pinterest, 19,821 on Instagram, 6,563 on Facebook, 2,178 on Twitter followers and 2,431 on Bloglovin.

Izy is using WordPress run her blog (of course) but let’s delve into some of the WordPress plugins used to power the site.

The WordPress Plugins:


[screenshot url=”” alt=”Instagram WordPress Plugin” width=”650″ height=”250″]
The Top with Cinnamon blog uses Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram to display latest instagram photos on their sidebar. This will enable them to show their instagram growth from various sources, whether that’s through UpLeap or organic avenues.


[screenshot url=”” alt=”Instagram WordPress Plugin” width=”650″ height=”250″]
The JetPack Pluginis a collection of plugins developed by Automattic (the company behind WordPress). Their pack of plugins provides a lot of features that are really usefully and practically required for blogs today (such as email subscription, social sharing and statistics)

Top With Cinnamon is using the following JetPack plugin modules:
Photon – uses the WordPress cloud to host images
Subscriptions – allows visitors to subscribe to posts via email
Sharing – share buttons for your posts to popular social media sites

Ziplist Recipe Plugin

[screenshot url=”” alt=”Instagram WordPress Plugin” width=”650″ height=”250″]
The Ziplist Recipe Plugin is popular plugin among many food bloggers. Used as a basic recipe plugin, Ziplist allows you to publish your recipes using fields for ingredients, nutrition, cook time, etc. that make your recipes SEO friendly. It also gives you tools to print and save the recipe to your ziplist account.

Izy uses Ziplist for displaying recipes on their post pages but also uses the Ziplist “Recipe Box” where partners can earn income if adds are clicked in the recipe box (just like Google Adsense). New partners to Ziplist also get a recipe featured in their weekly newsletter.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

[screenshot url=”” alt=”Instagram WordPress Plugin” width=”650″ height=”250″]
Finally, Izy uses the W3 Total Cache Plugin to cache her website. This is a great plugin for sites that get a lot of traffic and can use their cache to serve up images instead of taking time to fetch it from the server.


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