WordPress Social Media Plugins: My Favourites!

I wanted to share all my favourite social media plugins for WordPress! These plugins run the whole gamut of things that you can do with WordPress and social media. I will show you the social media plugins I recommend to help share content, display feeds and convert TO social media. There’s a lot of options out there so hopefully my curated list will save you some time and help enhance your WordPress site!

Social Share Buttons

RocketCloud – Social Share Buttons

Rocket Cloud Social Share WordPress PluginThe RocketCloud Social Share plugin lets you add share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Email. You have the options to turn on or off each button, choose your background colour, choose an icon size and also select if the share buttons appear above or below your content. The only this that you may or may not like is that it doesn’t pre-populate your share content ie: it will grab the post photo but the description or excerpt is not automatically generated. Also, the share buttons only appear on the POST page and not on the blog page.

JetPack Sharing

Jetpack New Sharing ButtonsI’ve used JetPack Sharing for a while. I like it because it allows me to choose to share from a wide selection of services and I generally like using JetPack features because it’s the plugin developed by Automattic (company that makes WordPress). I also like to see the number of shares my psots get (Note that Twitter no longer shares it’s sharing data so twitter numbers no longer appear). Share buttons can appear both on the blog and the individual post. Once the JetPack plugin is installed, you can enable this module and find sharing options under Settings > Sharing.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons WordPress PluginsI LOVE this social share plugin because it gives you a lot of design options for us pick designers 🙂 For the icons, you have a few different templates to choose from and what I like is the ability to center align the buttons, show share stats, change size by setting a pixel number and adjust the space between the icons with padding!

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Social Share Buttons Floating WordPressI really like the idea of the floating share button from a usability perspective because visitors always know exactly where their share buttons will be and only takes them a second to take action once they’ve decided they want to share your post. The Custom Share Buttons plugin allows you to add floating share buttons PLUS buttons below your post content. You can also upload you own icons to match your theme design and select to share to all the popular social media sites plus email.



Frizzly WordPress PluginFrizzly will add Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter share buttons to your images. Once installed, simply hover over the image in your blog post and the social share buttons will appear.


Facebook Comments WordPress

This is what happens to your comments once the plugin is activated:Facebook Comments WordPress

This is my favourite Facebook comment plugin because it automatically picks up your facebook info (if logged into facebook) and it will let you post as your Facebook Page profile. I’ve covered a bunch of different WordPress Comment Plugins in my previous post and already mentioned that using one with Facebook integration is a great way for your article to get more exposure and incentive for your visitors to comment!

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Facebook Like BoxI like this plugin because of how easy it is to setup. If you are focussed on getting more likes to your facebook page then just install the plugin and provide it with the name of your facebook page. New visitors to your site will be shown a simple lightbox to like your page.





Pinterest Widget Builder

This is actually a Pinterest-built tool but it’s probably the best way to embed your boards on your site. If you want to share your Pinterest Board, simply create your widget and copy the code into a text widget in WordPress.
Pinterest Widget Builder

Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest

Pinterest Phototile WidgetThe Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest is a great plugin to display your latest pins. The plugin creates a widget with a tun of options for display. Simply enter your pinterest username and your latest pins will automatically show up on your website or you can also pick which boards you want to show. I think it’s one of the cleaner plugins for pinterest!


JQuery Pin It Button for Images

I will mention this plugin if you do want a hover and “Pin It” button for your images. I’ve now replaced this functionality with Frizzly (mentioned above) because it also does facebook and Twitter but this is a great plugin for just Pinterest. Also, this plugin allows you to design your own button which is always fun! 🙂



Twitter Timeline Widget

Twitter Widget Display1Simple Twitter widget to display your feed. Also provides visitors with an easy way to initiate tweets from your site.



Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts WordPress PluginTweet out your old posts several times a day with the Revive Old Posts plugin. You can set the number and time of day you want your tweets to be sent out and also include/exclude certain categories, tags and posts. My twitter following has definitely grown with the help of this plugin.


Click to Tweet

Definitely one of my favourite social media tools is the Click to Tweet function. I love using it as a final call to action at the bottom of my posts. Once you install and activate, you get a handy button added right to your visual editor where you can compose your tweet for visitors to share!


Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

There are a lot of instagram feed plugins out there but I find the Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon is by far the best one. When you isntall it you have a new “Instagram Feed” area in your dashboard where you have total control over the look and feel (width, height, background colour, spacing, order… lots!) Then simply copy and paste the shortode in a text widget area or anywhere in a post or page. If you’re wanting to stay up to date with your instagram messages without using a browser, you may also be interested in an application like this instagram chat on pc or other similar options available.


Publish Posts

Publicize by JetPack

I prefer a bit more control over the image and when I share on social media so I do this manually right now (or schedule it in Hootsuite) but if you want to automate the process and just broadcast your post out to Twitter, Facebook, etc then this is a great tool.


Again, I don’t actually use this plugin but this paid plugin is VERY popular and I’ve definitely considered starting out with the $15/month plan to schedule my social media right inside WordPress. It delivers the desirable feature of editing your messages and images!

Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker

Social Locker WordPress Plugin
Offer a content upgrade in exchange for a share on Twitter, Facebook or Google +. This plugin also keeps track of stats as well so you can see if your enticing content upgrade is working. In their premium version, content can be “unlocked” with a social media sign in and you can capture their email to be used as a lead.


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