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Believe it or not, design can have a tremendous effect on your business. It takes seconds for people to create a first impressions when they visit your website. A well designed website can instantly start to formulate those important like, know and trust factors. More subtly, good design can also help with usability, comprehension and be a protagonist to take action! Design can mean more fans, leads, subscribers and sales.

In this post I’m going to talk about the basics of good design and the specifics of WordPress Website Design so you can employ some of principles of good design into your own website.

Principles of Good Website Design

So let’s begin with defining what really is “good design”.  Now, note that this is very different from taste. Taste is subjective. When it comes to design, there are some universal principles that define and make up good design. Actually, there are A LOT of these principles but I’m going to focus on the ones that have the MOST impact for websites when done right.


Colour can make your designs more appealing, visual interesting, help with aesthetics and reinforce organization and the meaning of elements in design. Colour can aid in the both the form and function in design.  You will want to limit your colour palette to maximum of 5 colours – I tend to always go for 3. When choosing your colours – use the colour wheel to pick combinations of colours that are in harmony with each other.


When your site remains consistent with design – similar parts are expressed in similar ways – it have the effect of being more usable and learnable. Consistency helps people transfer knowledge to new contexts, learn new things quickly and focus attention to relevant aspects. For your website, using functional consistency can help visitors perform tasks – showing them what’s clickable, what’s a video, what’s a button, etc. Simplifies usability and ease of learning. For your website this of course can help with developing a strong colour palette but also following universal symbols and established indicators that people with recognize.


I thought this design principle is actually an important one for today’s small business owner and, in fact, can give them an advantage over big corporations who can’t give a face to the business. Showing pictures of yourself on your website can communicate intellectual and personality attributes.


Legibility gives visual clarity to your website. When picking font, legibility includes size, typeface, contrast and spacing.

Great WordPress Web Design

Now that we’ve gone over all the factors that can help create design, let’s figure out how to execute it with our WordPress websites!

Picking a Great WordPress Theme

Much of great design can come from choosing a great theme. There are a lot of talented designers who offer services to built custom WordPress themes or you can choose from many well-designed pre-built themes.

Here are some great theme shops:

A Prettier Web Theme Shop (of course!)
Restored 316
WordPress Themes on Creative Market

WordPress Font Plugins

If you want to freshen up your design, a new font can help with that. A really great font plugin for WordPress is the Easy Google Fonts. It allows you to pick from hundred of Google fonts and also gives you ability to control font size, colour, line-height, letter spacing and more. If you have your own branded fonts then you can use the Use Any Font plugin and upload your own!

Page Builders

Using a page builder gives you total control over the layout of your page. There are a number of great builders that you can use. I typically use the Beaver Builder plugin. It allows me to place content blocks and images in different row and column layouts. Check out my post on WordPress Landing Pages for more info.

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